Bose announces Sleepbuds II with improved design and (hopefully) no more battery issues

Image: Bose

When Bose announced almost a year ago that it was discontinuing the Sleepbuds due to battery problems, I got several emails from disappointed readers who came to appreciate how well the earbuds had helped them get peaceful, uninterrupted sleep. Unlike regular earbuds, the Sleepbuds didn’t play your own music; they were designed to sit comfortably in your ears overnight and progress through a library of specially composed tracks that masked the kind of noises that can disrupt bedtime.

Now, Bose is ready to try again — and the company seems confident that it got things right this time. The Sleepbuds II are coming on October 6th for $249.95. Preorders begin today. They’ve got an ultra-lightweight design, new proprietary ear tips for a snug all-night fit, and an expanded list of 35 tracks meant to “cover and replace” noise from neighbors, street traffic, dogs, and other late-night nuisances you might be dealing with.

Image: Bose

Like the first time around, $250 feels rather expensive for a product this niche, but Bose says it has put a painstaking amount of research and engineering into the Sleepbuds II.

“Bose Sleepbuds II use advancements in our proprietary noise masking technology because covering sound — not canceling it — is better for sleeping,” Steve Romine, head of Bose’s health division, said in today’s press release. Bose says it has conducted a study to help back up claims that the Sleepbuds II genuinely lead to better sleep for most people who try them.

The updated Bose Sleep app has 14 tracks meant for noise-masking that mirror the frequencies of evening disruptions like footsteps, snoring partners, and idling engines outside your bedroom window. But there are also 15 “Naturescapes” that have been composed to help calm your mind and lower stress levels before bed.

Image: Bose

Each Sleepbuds II earbud is a quarter-inch deep so that side-sleepers can comfortably wear them with their head against a pillow. There’s now an “anti-friction” coating that Bose says will prevent squeaking if the enclosure happens to rub against fabric. And the Sleepbuds II use a new antenna for an improved, more stable connection with your phone.

The battery was the downfall for the first-generation Sleepbuds, and Bose says it’s using a new NiMH battery that’s good for 10 hours of playback. (The aluminum charging case is good for an additional 30 hours.) You can store up to 10 tracks from the Sleep App directly on the earbuds, and they’re rated IPX4 for water and sweat resistance.

It’s been a busy September for Bose: the company has already announced the QuietComfort Earbuds, Sport Earbuds, and three new pairs of Frames audio sunglasses.


I really loved the original Sleepbuds, not just for falling asleep but also for finding peace in a noisy and crowded office, where noise-cancelling buds and headphones aren’t going to help much with masking sounds such as folks talking around you. For someone like me with ADHD, I found that masking sound with music or a podcast was often equally distracting. The only drawbacks for me were the glitches, disconnections, and other general headaches of a v1 product — I’m glad to hear they gave it another shot.

I can’t sleep without them. I had a battery issue where only the right bud would charge up 58%. Bose sent a whole brand new replacement. I kept my old ones until the battery would not work. Lasted less than a year. So I tossed them but kept the case and started using the new ones. A month later, right bud charges up to 58%. Changed charging case, charged to 100% again for about a month until it charged up to 58% again. I cleaned everything really good and no more issues. I’m assuming the oils and dirt from your skin may mess with battery charging. I have been having charging issue with my Withing sleep tracker, and occasionally have charge issues with my apple watch if I don’t perfectly clean it before charging.

Will I buy these? Hell yeah! I have a newly Friday for headphones and earbuds. I have to own every major buds from, Airpods, beats, Samsung, Google, Microsoft, and the new quiet comforts are coming out. I may need these because my 2 year old discovered them and has lost them a few times.

I wish they paired via bluetooth and played audio from my phone, even if it were at a lower quality to preserve the batteries and keep the buds small. I like drifting off to sleep to music, podcasts, and audiobooks and the low profile of these would be great. I feel like at $250 it’s not an entirely unreasonable request for this product.

(the airpods pro are good except the batteries dont last all night and then you get a startling low battery alert in your ears at 3 a.m. — not very low profile either)

Man, if they can ever cramp their ANC BT buds tech into this size/form factor, I will buy at MSRP on day one.

I loved my original Sleepbuds until they glitched. Bose issued full refunds past the warranty period which made me a loyal customer for life. I will be picking these up ASAP.

Can’t wait to see a comparison between these and the Amazfit Zenbuds ($150). The zenbuds have sleep tracking as well, not a very important feature but I wonder if Bose has it. Not mentioned in any article so far.

for the price you can just buy a professional grade air filter and set that to high. loud enough to mute a snoring bear and it also improves your air quality

unless you’re constantly traveling, and then who cares? you’ll be dead soon

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