Microsoft’s giant 85-inch Surface Hub 2S will arrive in January 2021 for $21,999.99

Microsoft’s 85-inch Surface Hub 2S.

Microsoft is starting to take preorders for its 85-inch Surface Hub 2S today. The large screen device, originally unveiled in April 2019, will now go on sale in January 2021, just missing Microsoft’s initial target of releasing the hardware at some point in 2020. Microsoft is pricing the 85-inch model starting at $21,999.99.

A $21,999.99 collaboration display might not seem like the type of device that businesses are rushing to buy in 2020 as a pandemic has kept a large number of people working remotely. Microsoft acknowledges that reality and claims the Surface Hub 2S has helped bridge remote teams and central response locations for hospitals, health care providers, and even in education.

The 50-inch Surface Hub 2S.
Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

“We’ve seen schools and educational institutions accelerating their digital transformation driven by the need to offer equitable remote or hybrid learning for students,” says Robin Seiler, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of devices. “To increase engagement, many institutions are replacing older technology including projectors and whiteboards with digital collaboration solutions like Surface Hub.”

Microsoft believes Surface Hub could act as a way to ease the transition back into the office or as part of a hybrid environment. “As many parts of the world move back to the office or plan for new hybrid and satellite work environments, Surface Hub will be there to ease that transition – even with new considerations in space planning like the need for social distancing,” says Seiler. “One benefit to a larger screen that Hub provides is that it can help implement social distancing for people to stay six feet apart while working together.”

I’m not sure how many businesses will agree that Surface Hub is a priority for returning to offices, but the devices have certainly been popular, with reports from a few years ago suggesting the devices were selling out at one point.

It was supposed to be a big year for the Surface Hub 2S, and Microsoft had planned to use a special process cartridge to upgrade the smaller 50-inch devices’ internals. Microsoft scrapped those plans back in February, just weeks before the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic. At the time, Microsoft promised a software update for Surface Hub 2S owners instead.

That software update is now arriving in October, dubbed the Windows 10 Team 2020 Update. It includes support for the new Microsoft Edge browser, dual-pen inking, passwordless sign-in using FIDO2 security keys, and the ability to quick transition a Microsoft Teams call to the larger display. There are also a bunch of security and management improvements for IT admins to better manage these displays in workplaces.

Finally, Microsoft is also allowing owners of the 50-inch Surface Hub 2S to use a full version of Windows 10 on the device. Surface Hubs ship with a variant of Windows 10 that’s designed for the bigger screens, and they’ll now be free to use the full version of Windows 10. This will also include sign-in support with Windows Hello through the fingerprint reader on the Surface Hub 2S.


Microsoft’s giant 85-inch Surface Hub 2S will arrive in January 2021 for $21,999.99…

Welp… Better sell my Mercedes Benz …..

The funniest thing about that sizzle video is that the software they’re using doesn’t actually exist. If Microsoft was presenting this with a straight face and saying, here’s the boring non-3D animated software your business uses on a daily basis, and we made it even better on a big touch screen, awesome. But they’re not.

This is what is known as professional wankery

it also shows how little they paid attention to the TV market. TVs last people for like 5-10 years, smart features are out of date in 2, without a real dedication to updates.

i won’t hold my breath.

It’s not a TV in any way, shape, or form

Surely it’s at least a TV in shape?

I will give you that

I´d love to get one in my office

are the wheels included too? or is this the same deal as the new mac pro?

Actually, in an article on another site, a mobile cart is INCLUDED.

Where did you read that?

I doubt the cart is included (it isn’t with the 50" model) and that makes sense because most of these are going to end up stuck on a boardroom wall

that price is offensive.

it’s easy money. Find some random manager, tell him a little fairy tale about "new work", "agile" and the "new normal" and they’ll throw money at you

I absolutely don’t need this. But I want four or five for my giant master control room deep in the depths of my secret mountain-or-underwater-or-outerspace lair. I will use them to plot my takeover of the cosmos and play solitaire while stroking Frisky and laughing maniacally.

These would be far too bright for your lair, and the power consumption would make it easy for you to be found by the authorities.

Have you thought about an array of 7" Raspberry Pi LCDs running at 1024×600 with shitty viewing angles?

The lower resolutions would be better for ominous low quality videos, true. And Microsoft support would find it … difficult … to reach my lair. (And even more difficult to escape it).

I predicted Microsoft would never be able to produce something with this much technology and features for under $22,000. Boy was I ever wrong.

I agree, that extra penny in the bank does make this a more sensible purchase.

1.. Too many people, as per usual, don’t understand the purpose of this device. If you see an overpriced ‘smart tv’, you need to go and clock back in and get back to work. Don’t forget your name badge and smock.

2. Most of #1 because those people don’t have a job that is heavily steeped in Enterprise solutions or a business invested in Office365

3. HOWEVER… on the flip to what I said… yeah its an overpriced, locked down tablet. At least the first iteration was, which my department for some insane reason splurged for years ago. We NEVER use it.

The reason we don’t use our 55 inch Surface:
- The OS is designed for meetings, not as an actual computing device. By default, when you end a session, every single thing you’ve done is wiped and gone. If you don’t make screenshots and save everything to the cloud or email it to yourself, its gone forever. I get why. But… why not make it optional instead? Why not have the option to turn this thing into a full blown Windows tablet?

- As such, we cannot install work-related custom apps, which is what really would have made the device useful. So not every business can really find a use for such a thing; you’d really have to be dedicated to online meetings and collaborations to get the most out of it…

… which NOW in the covid age, I could see our department wiping the dust off on this device if part of our staff ends up working from home on a permanent basis.

Also… for anyone scoffing at the price… yeah… go look at other companies large touch display offerings and get back to me. Yes, some are half the cost, but the hardware is half as nice. So all of the above? You’d think my department would learn their lesson. Nope, after the uselessness of a 55 inch Surface… they went and dropped bills on TWO 70-something-inch StarBoards… which is nothing more than a giant Android tablet AND a forked, outdated limited version of Android at that. The times we’ve tried to use it… its literally nothing more than a giant touchscreen display for a desktop PC.

How my leaders haven’t been taken to task for wasting such money is beyond me.

Lol, I’m in the exact same boat. The person who researched and bought the Surface Hub 2S for us was even shocked it couldn’t actually turn 90 degrees and do that neat home screen animation. My suspicion was that this "feature" was 50% of the purchasing decision. The second shock came I think when they actually realized you can’t use Zoom on that thing: "It’s Windows afterall, this should work somehow, no?"
It is frustrating how so many things on the Surface Hub kinda work on paper but are so convoluted that just no one ever bothers. We faced the exact same whiteboard problem like you, it’s just such a hassle to actually email that stuff to yourself or something, people even just take photos of the screen as if it would be a normal whiteboard. Like why did we spend 10 000$ on that thing again?

You can install normal Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise on Surface Hub 2S now:

Yeah management at my work is keen on these and they’ll probably have to end up in normal Windows 10 mode to be useful.

Kinda defeats the purpose though, at that point I can’t help but think a normal PC connected to a normal TV could do most of the functionality for a fraction of the cost

Well, it is still a giant touchscreen and pen-enabled TV with a good camera this way.

The touchscreen is kinda cool but the camera is all but irrelevant as Teams is going to crush picture quality down to a smeary mess anyway. Also I’ll bet the pen lasts about a week before someone puts it in their laptop bag and it’s never seen again.

You proceeded to make fun of people who "don’t understand the purpose of this device" only to then go on and say how your company splurged on it only to never use it…seems like they missed the purpose also?

Your smugness comes across so well and its grating to say the least.

People really don’t understand how much corporations spend on conference room equipment. I spent nearly this much putting in a cisco camera system with touch control panel not long ago. And advanced conference room setup can run $100k easy. This is nothing to most large corporations that need good collaborative solutions.

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