Microsoft’s new Xbox app will let you stream Xbox One games to your iPhone

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Microsoft is about to release a big Xbox app update for iOS that includes the ability to stream Xbox One games to an iPhone. A new Xbox app will arrive in the App Store soon that includes a remote play feature, which lets Xbox One console owners stream their games to an iPhone.

Remote play is different to Microsoft’s xCloud service, which streams games directly from servers instead of your own Xbox One console. This Xbox remote play feature will only connect to your own Xbox console, not to xCloud. It’s similar to Sony’s own PS4 Remote Play feature that’s also available on Android and iOS.

You will be able to access an Xbox console over Wi-Fi, or even an LTE or 5G connection, too. As this app takes control of your home Xbox, you can remotely start your console outside of your home. The Xbox will start up without a sound or the Xbox light at the front, and when you disconnect, it goes back into standby after a brief period of inactivity.

A new Xbox app arrived on Android recently, and this updated iPhone version includes the same new design and new features. You can quickly download or share game clips and screenshots captured on an Xbox One or Xbox Series X / S console, and you can even manage console space and delete games.

This new Xbox app is also a lot faster than the previous iOS version, and it has been totally overhauled to match similar design changes being made across Xbox. It’s all in preparation for the launch of the Xbox Series X / S consoles in November, and Microsoft is also updating its Xbox dashboard with some design changes.

Microsoft’s updated Xbox app doesn’t change the xCloud situation, though. Apple extended an olive branch to allow services like Stadia and xCloud recently, but it included a big catch that would mean Microsoft would have to individually submit hundreds of games as separate apps using its streaming tech. Microsoft wasn’t amused by Apple’s new rules.

Microsoft is currently testing this Xbox app with TestFlight members, meaning it should be available generally in the App Store soon for everyone to download.


As long as Remote Play works on the Xbox PC app as well, that’s all I care about. I use the game streaming feature of the Xbox Companion app on my PC extensively. I really hope that’s still a thing for the Series X/S.

Herpa derp. Reading is fun. facepalm

Real soon like later today, or real soon like later this month? Also, big question: Will it work on iPad?

Using it currently in Testflight and can confirm it works on my 1st Gen iPad Pro as well.

So can you just HDMI to a bigger screen? Id love to be able to play my Xbox on the bedroom tv.

Ehhhh. Depends on the app. At a default, the iPad projects the literal 4:3 iPad screen. A few updates back, they allowed apps to project out 16:9. Those that didn’t update it specifically to do that, will send a 4:3 image… which is then letterboxed to 16:9 for the ultimate f u.

Don’t worry Apple will find a way to get the 30% from your own Xbox

Apple will contact your bank and take the payment directly. For your convenience and safety, of course.

Since the PS4 has been doing this for a long time, it doesn’t look like it.

On the other hand Microsoft’s default take through the xBox Store is 30% – they’ve been taking your 30% all along. Same for PS4 and Switch and Google Play Store….

Sure? But I can also go to best buy and buy my game there. Or or Amazon.

Sony and Microsoft still make money off physical releases and keys. It all still comes back to them.

Yes? What’s your point? The thing is I can go to any other store of my choice to purchase the said media VS one centralized store.

I’m not sure what your point is. That store is going to take 18 off the purchase of 60. 30%.

Your smartass comment about Apple flopped and now you’re in a tail spin trying to recover.

I’m not sure what your point is.

Buy vbucks for fortnite from a store and spend them on Xbox. Now try doing the same with Apple. Notice anything?

Xbox takes a cut of Xbox games – not from the users life in general. Apple takes money from iPhone users’ Facebook donations (wtf by the way). And forbids the companies from selling the apps, and content for them, anywhere else. That is the point.

And as for your tail spin whatever emotional analysis… lol

Don’t forget: This is NOT xCloud, and Apple is still garbage for blocking actual game streaming services without web apps like Stadia and xCloud.

Now that Apple’s buddy Amazon has a cloud gaming service, I wonder if they’ll be let into the garden.

Amazon is getting around the App Store with Luna by using a web app.

Pretty sure that allowing access over a mobile network violates App Store guidelines? Wi-Fi is perfectly fine of course. I think either Microsoft will have to restrict it, or we might see more drama unfold.

Even if they allow it, connecting to your local device by using mobile network normally turns off user’s experience. The latency, power consumption problem…

Nah, those guidelines are just for running apps – mirroring the UI can be done online – it’s basically Remote Desktop/Teamviewer/Splashtop etc for your Xbox.

Yup, I believe if they added a launcher interface that loaded the remote access directly into a game they would have to follow those rules, but as long as it’s just a dumb window into your personal console, it should follow the letter of the law. It is real stupid that we need to interpret these rules like this to parse out whether something should be permitted on the App Store, but that’s Apple for you.

I’m extremely excited for this.

I think this means that when I get a new Xbox Series X, my old One can just get plugged in somewhere not connected to a TV for multi-player gaming in my home.

Diablo…. I’m looking at you.

the PS4 streaming app is kind of a hot mess, maybe this will be better

The Xbox will start up without a sound or the Xbox light at the front


I 100% understand and agree with your frustration on the PlayStation beep, but is it really worth yelling (metaphorically) over?

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