Android 11 is here — and not just for Google Pixel phones

Android 11 is officially launching today after months of betas — and it’s getting a wider release than expected, with the latest version of the operating coming today not only to Pixel devices but to phones from OnePlus, Xiaomi, Oppo, and Realme, too.

As expected, the final version of Android 11 is now available to download on the Pixel 2, 3, 3A, 4, and 4A. OnePlus has also confirmed that the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro will be getting Android 11 today in North America, Europe, and India through an open beta, as will Oppo’s X2 and Reno 3 and Realme’s X50 Pro. Xiaomi is also rolling out Android 11 to the Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro. Google promises to expect “more partners launching and upgrading devices over the coming months,” so today’s launch will likely be the first of many Android 11 update announcements for the next few weeks.

Android 11 adds a variety of new features to Google’s mobile operating system, although as a whole, the update is focused less on adding new functionality and more on making it easier to manage the myriad things your phone can already do. The biggest change is how Android 11 handles conversations by grouping notifications from messaging apps out into its own section in the drop-down notification shade and adding a Facebook Messenger-style bubble interface to make them more accessible.

There’s also new media controls, a new screenshot interface, a system-level smart home control menu that’s accessed by long-pressing the power button, more restrictive permissions settings, and more.

And while Android 11 is going to be available on several phones today, there are still a couple of features that are exclusive to Google’s Pixel devices, including a new AR-location sharing feature meant to make it easier to meet up with friends, a built-in version of Google’s Smart Reply functionality into Gboard in more chat applications, and intelligently named folders.

For more on the new update, check out our full Android 11 review here.

Update September 8th, 1:30pm: Added additional details on Pixel-exclusive features in Android 11.

Update September 8th, 3:00pm: Added Oppo phone details and additional clarification on OnePlus offering Android 11 as a beta.

Update September 8th, 11:00pm: Added Realme and Xiaomi phone details.


The Home controls in the power menu is one of the best OS feature updates I have in a long time.

So I’m the biggest Google fanboy you’ve ever met and have a ludicrous number of Google speakers, chromecasts, lights, other smart devices in my home. I JUST got Android 11 and did set this up. Obviously I’ll get to start using it now, but I’m curious what makes this so useful as compared to talking to Assistant on my speakers across the house? Aren’t the speakers way faster to interact with to control these things?

I use voice a lot for routines, but a lot of times using voice is too clunky for individual devices or intrusive. Especially since I have 20+ smart light dimmers (the power menu gives you each light’s status on one page). I also don’t want to speak commands out loud if others are around. It’s much easier to long press the power button and tap/slide on a button.

Apparently you and I are similar. lol So I also have numerous lights and other devices like you. I see what you mean, but I just tried having a light on and it didn’t show up in that menu. So I assume I have to manually add each light to that menu and then scroll through all of the lights I guess. Hmmm I’ll have to try and give it some time. I’m all for better ways of interacting with all of this. We’ll see how it goes.

It definitely takes a little bit to set up, but I like that it’s actually just a list of lights since it shows current status. It’s quick to scroll through and find the lights that are on.

Samsung : " Don’t hold my beer "

Samsung: "Please wait 9 months while we take this new Android version and update it with all of our additional crap".

But then again when all that ’’crap’’ that Samsung had already implemented become part of stock Android; they are suddenly useful features.

I’m sure Samsung is as delusional as you about the prowess of their software skills. Then again, they just killed a bunch of their cloud offerings like storage, so maybe they are less delusional than you.

If on the other hand they could each stick to their strengths, Samsung on hardware and distribution, Google on software, this damn ecosystem could finally have a device truly worthy of the "flagship" status.

Instead, we get to sit around and watch everyone half-ass everything!

Samsung and Google went head to head on creating a watch OS and Samsung certainly came out on top there. Maybe their software skills aren’t that bad after all? They also created the best mobile browser on Android by a mile.

  • Bixby ** (cough, cough)
Bixby ** (cough, cough)

Not like Google hasn’t come up with their own share of crappy products.

His point still stands.


Wait? It’s only when I read the manifest of ‘new’ features in the next Android release that I realise half those features, already on my Samsung, were not Android after all, although they will be next year. Why wait?

The question is when your LG or Samsung phone will see that update… if it’s a T-Mobile LG phone the answer is never!

Most people I know don’t even bother with updating their phones, and I’m talking Android and iOS, they don’t want to screw with something that already works for them

coming today not only to Pixel devices but to phones from OnePlus, Xiaomi, Oppo, and Realme, too

Ah, so, it’s not coming to any phones.

Running 11 on my OnePlus 8 Pro

Wow a few phones are getting the new Android update. What an amazing technological innovation. I imagine the future when every single phone released in the past five years can be updated to a new OS the day it is released.

Wow, that would be amazing if a company could pull that off.
I bet they would sell a lot of devices.

Don’t update if you run DJI apps, otherwise they won’t work.

Android 11 caused my Pixel 4a to not scroll properly anymore. Now its recognized as a series of taps, which triggers all sorts of unintended responses. This is a very disappointing update.

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