Apple’s new M1 MacBook Pros are the first with mini LED 120Hz refresh displays

Apple has just announced its redesigned MacBook Pros, powered by its newly revealed M1 Pro and M1 Max chips, and featuring a huge jump in display technology for the company’s laptops, with Mini LED displays that support Apple’s 120Hz ProMotion technology.

The larger 16-inch MacBook Pro has a 16.2-inch display with a 3456 x 2234 resolution, while the 14-inch model has a 14.2-inch panel at 3024 x 1964. Both sizes feature the same Mini LED technology that Apple debuted on the iPad Pro earlier this year, which offers local dimming on a level beyond traditional LED displays (although it’s still not quite on the level of OLED panels used by competitors like Samsung.)

The new displays also feature Apple’s 120Hz “ProMotion” technology, which allows for faster refresh rates. Apple says that the computers will automatically adjust the refresh rate based on what you’re doing (for example, dropping the refresh rate when your screen is static). It’ll also offer the option for users to set locked in refresh rates, which is important for video editing or other use cases that rely on specific screen settings.

The new Mini LED screens are brighter, too, offering 1000 nits of sustained brightness with 1600 peak brightness and a 1 million to 1 contrast ratio, and the same Liquid Retina XDR that Apple uses for its Pro Display XDR monitor.

The new displays also offer thinner bezels, although that comes at a cost: a iPhone-style notch for the main camera.



Apple really managed to hide the pro motion stuff.. I haven’t seen a single rumor about it. The display seems incredible but I wish it didn’t have a notch. I’m buying the 14 Pro anyway but I would have had not hesitation if it didn’t have the notch.

As rarely as I ever notice the notch on the phone I think it is worth the trade off. It’s better than the other options of 1. No Web Cam, 2. Web cam down by the hinge, or 3. Bigger bezel along the top.

I used to not care about web cams but now that I’m doing zooms all the time I really notice the bad ones.

It looks a little weird, but the chip and the laptop are such slam dunks in every other way that I’m totally over the notch. It’s pretty well a prosumers wishlist concept.

There were a couple of tweets about it from trusted leakers a few days ago – but even those noted that while they were 100% sure on mini-LED, they were less confident in ProMotion or even 120Hz at all.

Genuine question: why does the notch give you pause?

Pick 2 from the following: smaller bezels with increased screen space, larger camera, no notch.

I’d go with no notch and a bigger, better camera. Bezels have never bothered me (within reason), but notches and holes in screens are automatic dealbreakers for me.

the notch would make sense if they kept the top menu bar black all the time as in previous versions of macos.

You can set UI elements, including the menu bar, to be dark all the time or to change with the sun since I think Catalina. Built-in apps are pretty consistent about adjusting to this, and of course anything built with UIkit, it’s much more consistent than the equivalent on Win11.

Dark does not equal true black on these displays. If this screen is Mini LED, and the menu bar could be set to true black, then people could literally just remove the notch if they want.

It is MiniLED so it will be very close to true black.

It’s not that serious. There’s no content that pulls your eye to that area. Completely removing it is nitpicking and pedantic and while consumers reserve that right, it’s my right to call it downright ridiculous to hold off on buying such an excellent machine for that reason.

I really don’t care about a notch on a 14" and 16" screens, but I sincerely hope Apple was able to put a more effective backlighting control in the new mini-LED displays compared to the iPad Pros.
It’s one of the worst displays to work in darker environments due to blotchiness of the screen that spreads all around any relatively brighter element.

I saw some word of 120Hz, but not from the most reliable leakers and I had set my expectations to enjoying a 60Hz Mini LED display. This was a very welcome surprise, and I’d bet this means it’s the best laptop display bar none for a while in total.

Apple just gave the MacBook display its biggest update in year


Going to make a bet here. The cursor won’t just disappear into the screen corners like the Surface Laptop Studio because the OS wasn’t made aware of rounded corners and they just fudged it in hardware like that.

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