Google Maps on iOS now has a dark mode, here’s how to enable it

Google Maps’ dark mode on iOS.
Image: Google

In August, Google announced its iOS Maps app would soon be getting a dark mode. But although the feature fully launched at the beginning of September, it arrived quietly enough that several Verge staffers hadn’t even noticed its appearance until we started receiving in-app notices. If you’ve also been in the dark, rather than the dark mode (sorry), here’s how to enable the feature.

From the main Google Maps interface on iOS, tap your profile picture in the top right of the screen. Pick “Settings” from the menu, then select “Dark Mode” from the Using Maps section. Here you have three options: On, Off, and “Same as device setting” (which automatically turns dark mode on or off depending on what you have enabled at the OS level).

If you’re on Android, a similar feature launched earlier in the year, but the route to enable it is a little different than on iOS. Here you need to tap your profile picture, then “Settings,” and then pick “Theme,” and select from the same three options as iOS.

If you ask us, the best choice in both cases is to have Google Maps use the same setting as your device so that all your apps neatly match one another. But don’t let us tell you what to do. Follow your heart.


Certainly some form of dark mode was already on Google Maps for iOS, right? I could have sworn I’ve been using dark mode on Google Maps for a long time.

Yes if you change it to night mode.

Previously it only activated when in turn-by-turn direction mode, not for browsing/searching the map.

thank you, I was confused as well.

This should be the default for users with dark mode on at the OS level; what the heck pushback they received to ship it not by default to use the device’s OS-level settings?

When can Google Maps on iOS run at more than 10 frames per second?

Mine runs at the normal 60fps on my iPhone 11 Pro. However that was a recent change, it wasn’t long ago where my Google Maps felt like 10fps. They must have updated the app recently though because it’s fast now.

I’ll have to give it another shot. On my 12 Pro it was so terrible to use.

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