Dbrand starts selling matte black PS5 plates and dares Sony to sue

It’s fair to say the PlayStation 5’s huge, two-tone industrial design is not for everyone, and now Dbrand says it has a solution. The company best known for its custom phone skins and cases has put “Darkplates” on sale, with the promise that the precisely carved slabs of plastic will turn your PS5 into a murdered-out matte-black hunk of hardware.

This isn’t just an unofficial accessory — Dbrand is actively encouraging Sony to sue it for putting the product out. The background there is that a small company, first called PlateStation5 then CustomizeMyPlates, was forced to cancel and refund orders for a similar product last year following legal action from Sony. Now Dbrand’s order page reads “Go ahead, sue us” at the top.

The goading doesn’t stop there. Dbrand’s Darkplate features a texture somewhat inspired by the PlayStation button icons microtexture found on the PS5 and its controller. The company describes it as “a familiar-but-legally-distinct apocalyptic spin on the classic PlayStation button shapes.”

The Darkplate also has an optional skin for the glossy black middle section of the PS5, in case you want to customize its color or just make it less of a breeding ground for fingerprints. Beyond the matte black option, there are plain yellow and white skins as well as patterns like “robot camo” and “redcode.”

Converting your PS5 to matte black won’t be particularly cheap and might not be all that quick. One set of plates sells for $49 plus shipping, while adding a middle skin takes the base price up to $60.95. All three waves of product set to ship in February, March, and April respectively have sold out in the past couple of hours, while a fourth wave for May is now available for backorder. The PS5 Digital Edition version of the plates, meanwhile, hasn’t yet been put on sale at all.


I got in on the second wave and I’m pretty excited. I’ve had my PS5 for two days now and honestly really hate the way it looks. The matte black should alleviate a lot of that.

If they make matte white plates for Xbox Series X, I’ll throw my money at them.

They will never, the only reason why they sold these plates is because people would be too stupid to put a PS5 skin (their words, not mine). You can however buy a matte white Xbox Series X skin here.

I also got in on the second wave for delivery in March. I couldn’t believe the first wave was already gone as i ordered this within 10 minutes of getting the email last night.

Can’t wait to do away with the white panels!

"Familiar but legally distinct". I like these guys.

I like dbrand. I mean their issue with the switch and the sticker not working properly was on point. They were transparent about it and they worked to figure it out. They didnt sell a half arsed product. DBrand are a pretty ok company in my book.

I dont use their stickers because Im pretty shit at sticking thing on. Heck I dont use any stickers because of how shit I am.

I bought a skin for some reason and as soon as it arrived I remembered how bad I am at putting Lego stickers on and never even opened the packaging

they can some times come off as a little edge lordy but they’re products are good. They might sell the best screen protector out there.

That’s pretty clever, I would like to see what grounds they sue on.

Sony claims they have a pending patent on the plates and it belongs to their intellectual property.

It has to be a design patent, right? Like, that would still be stupid, but not anywhere near as stupid as trying to get an actual patent on "chunk of plastic with clips/magnets/whatever attachment mechanism." I mean I know imaginary property is a joke, but there has to be a line somewhere.

They could also have the copyright to the shape of the PS5.

You can’t copyright a shape.

You can trademark a shape, for example Coke bottles are trademarked. And that is after many years of Coca-Cola extensively using the shape of the bottle in their ads.

It is not an easy thing to prove that your brand is exclusively associated with a certain shape. And even less likely to stop Debrand who are only selling a component of the shape.

It’s not the shape that would be copyrighted but the design. If the design is distinct then it can be copyrighted.

Checkout all the motherboards in all the devices you’ve ever owned. You’ll see a "Copyright 20xx… \Company_Name/" somewhere on it. It may be that schematically, the design is just a reference one used by virtually everyone (say for the latest Intel chipset), but the actual layout of the tracks on the board is what’s the "intellectual property" part is and falls under copyright since it required work and is unique.

I like these Dbrand plates and I think the original gloss white is ugly. But I fear that Sony will sue them and drive them out of the market. Which is maddening since Sony refuses to ship its own variants or will take years to come out with them. Why bother making easily replaceable plates when you have that lazy attitude…

I dont think sony will win. It would be same thing if Apple or Samsung decided to sue a case manufacturer because that manufacturer makes similar cases to the Apple/Samsung make…

you know what…where is the proof that sony is suing on grounds of patent? We heard from one company and they stated this " Due to patent and intellectual property issues we will be cancelling all orders and processing refunds." That reads like a standard patent and IP letter and no proof that sony was suing on grounds of patent.

In fact the company that was shut down was literally called platestation 5 and I think their covers had the PS logo on it (but i will take correction on this).

If it was such a problem then how is it that after a rebrand that company is coming back and selling products…yeah, I love how people think they know everything but dont bother checking anything and instead like to jump on a bandwagon.

Companies send out Cease and Desist letters all the time to protect their IP, even when it’s fair use or otherwise allowed. If they don’t protect it or build a framework for use, then they are at risk of loosing some legal protections, so they are bound to send letters out. Usually, it’s Nintendo out there making bad press for themselves by being overbroad, but I don’t doubt that Sony and Microsoft occasionally have lawyers send strongly worded letters out that threaten lawsuits. Platestation got too close to treading on trademarks in addition to making unauthorized parts and they would have died under the weight of any legal challenge, even if it was unjust. Even the remaining risks after modification would have been too much risk. Dbrand has deeper pockets and an established revenue stream, so they have the money to hire a good lawyer and get a lawsuit dismissed or even to simply send another strongly worded letter back with confidence. For Platestation that risk was basically death. For Dbrand it’s just the cost of marketing.

Pretty sure it was all trademark issues with the dumb-asses that did this before. DBrand isn’t trying to copy the name and logo, so I don’t think Sony is going to have an issue with them.

This is great and on-brand for well…dbrand.

Sony pulling some slick shit anyway trying to claim that hunk of plastic with securing clips is worthy of a patent. We patenting car covers and cases now?

I dont think you read between the lines.

1) the people that were told to shut down literally called themselves Platestation5.
2) they also (I think) had the sony logo cutout

These two things I can instantly see an issue with. Dbrand doesnt have that and so there isnt sony can do. Please also show us where sony categorically said they shut down platstation because of patents? If there is a source I would like to see it.

According to he company on their twitter this is what they said " Due to patent and intellectual property issues we will be cancelling all orders and processing refunds."…however I must ask…where is sonys response? I think they referred to a standard patent and infringement letter and it may have had to do with their name and or use of logo.

Please dont go jumping on some stupid hate train because sony did something you dont like…fact is that company rebranded and is coming back wth products…so what? wonder how that can be if it was a patent issue!

That’s not what parents are.

what are you talking about?

This nonsense:

a standard patent and infringement letter and it may have had to do with their name and or use of logo.

Try not to call them parents next time you call someone out, so people know what you’re actually talking about.

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