Exclusive: this is the Sonos Roam, coming in April for $169

You’re looking at the first images of the next speaker from Sonos. Set to be priced at $169, the new device — it’s called the Sonos Roam — is much smaller than the Sonos Move, which was the company’s first foray into portable speakers. This product has a much closer resemblance to popular, take-anywhere Bluetooth speakers like the UE Boom.

According to a source with direct knowledge of the Roam, it measures 6.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches and weighs around a pound. It will come with a USB charging cable, and a wireless charging dock will be sold separately for $49. Like many of the company’s other speakers, the Sonos Roam will be available in either black or white.

The Verge has reached out to Sonos for comment. The new speaker first popped up in a Federal Communications Commission filing. Since then, Sonos has confirmed it will announce a new product on March 9th. Current plans call for the Roam to ship a month later on April 20th.

Like the Move speaker, the Sonos Roam will be able to play audio over both Wi-Fi (when at home on your regular Sonos system) and Bluetooth on the go. On Wi-Fi, the Roam will function like any recent Sonos speaker as part of a multi-room system. It runs on the company’s S2 platform that rolled out last year. There are built-in mics for hands-free voice commands for either Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, and AirPlay 2 is supported as well. Two Roams can be stereo paired when in Wi-Fi mode.

Battery life is expected to be around 10 hours on a full charge, and the Roam is fully waterproof, which will help it compete against the similarly-rugged competition.

With the Roam, Sonos will expand its lineup of multi-room speakers to go well beyond the home. The Move’s hefty weight made it impractical for taking anywhere beyond short trips to a backyard or porch, but the Roam will fill the role of a true travel speaker. Or a bathroom speaker. Or a speaker that can go wherever else you need it. You get the idea. It’s a smart move.


Current plans call for the Roam to ship a month later on April 20th.

Perfect timing for their California customer base to go outdoors with a speaker

The Anker Soundcore is $20. It has ludicrous, stupid amounts of battery life. Seriously, it’s better than my UE Boom and JBL Charge 3. These speakers are all made in the same factories from the same parts bin and sound roughly the same. Is this thing 8x better?

I don’t own any of these speakers, but I assume the premium comes from the Sonos brand and the wireless integration with its existing products.

This is not true. You can easily, very easily tell the difference between cheap and well made bluetooth speakers.

And even if the hardware is the same, you will unfortunately have to pay a premium for a speaker with a flat sound profile.

I really can’t think of a 50 dollar speaker with a good sound profile. They’re all made for booming pool parties or something. So I’m very interested in this.

Also the ability to play and control over wifi alone is worth the premium.

Very true, I went nuts and tried out like 5 bluetooth speakers last year in the $100-150 range and all sounded tinny and flat compared to my old Bose Soundlink Mini II which finally broke. Finally settled on the Sony XB33 which sounds great.

I can’t imagine using a speaker without WiFi capabilities, AirPlay and Google Cast. Hopefully these can be left plugged in and turned on all the time.

Hello new shower speaker…

I came here to say that as well lol

Yep I’ll be picking one up when it comes out. I wish it also had Siri integration but it’s understandable why it doesn’t. I recently tried to use a HomePod Mini as a shower speaker (not in the actual shower obviously) and it didn’t work out so well with the constant disconnection issues.

I got a Sonos One for Christmas and I completely see the appeal of the ecosystem. I’m interested to see how this could tie in to the ecosystem while not always being near WiFi, since half the appeal for me has been a combination AirPlay 2 and Google Home compatible device built in to one.

Tbf i’d buy this for AirPlay in the garden. It’s much nicer and I get more than good enough wifi there.

Are this going to be able to work as rear for the Beam? That would be nice

6.5" long? is that typo? Thats tiny! This has got to be one of the smallest bluetooth speakers i’ve ever seen

I don’t think that’s a typo. The UE Boom is 7" tall, so for that class of portable speakers, seems about right.

If you are streaming audio with your phone I wonder if you could get better sound quality connecting the speaker to your phone over the wifi hotspot vs. bluetooth? Given it’s size, it may not be noticeable though

Sonos can’t connect to your phone via wifi hotspot.

No, but the phone is connected to WiFi and the Sonos is connected to WiFi router, so it could stream higher quality audio, if it’s noticeable is the questions.

That makes no sense… If the Sonos is connected to a wifi router, it would be streaming directly from the source (Spotify, Tidal, your own Plex server etc.), not your phone.

Hopefully this will be able to pair with a Move for stereo sound. I know it would probably sound off balance, but if anyone could fix that with software, it’s Sonos.

It won’t. Even the OG Play:1 won’t pair with the One, which shares the same exact form factor and sounds 98% the same.

Super tempting, but the fact that my UE Megaboom 3 and Boom 3 both float means they are still more useful with my kayak and camping in general.

I wonder if the mics can be used for conference calls?

In the shower?

Overpriced but actually pretty awesome. I need a shower speaker and the Bluetooth ones aren’t great, will be nice to use it on the Sonos system over wifi. I was actually considering a Move for this purpose, which would have been overkill, so this is a lot cheaper at least.

I have a Echo in my bathroom. Works great and super inexpensive.

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