Reddit Talk is a Clubhouse competitor for subreddits

Image: Reddit

Reddit unveiled its take on a Clubhouse-like social audio product on Monday, called Reddit Talk. The company is billing Monday’s announcement as a “sneak preview,” since the feature isn’t widely available yet. Moderators that want to try the feature out in their subreddit can add themselves to a waitlist for access.

Based on Reddit’s description and images shared by the company, Reddit Talk appears to look a lot like Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces, and other social audio products. Talks will “live” within subreddits, according to Reddit.

Reddit’s new Talk feature.
Image: Reddit

During the initial tests, only subreddit moderators will be able to initiate a Talk, and Talk hosts will have the ability to invite, mute, and remove speakers. While only mods can kick off Talks in the beginning, anyone on iOS and Android can listen to one.

Moderation has been an issue for Clubhouse, so it’s notable that Reddit is starting small and giving access only to moderators first. At some point in the future, mods will be able to bring on trusted community members as co-hosts.

Reddit Talk mod tools.
Image: Reddit

The company says it is “testing ways” for hosts to customize how Talks look with emojis and different background colors, and users will be able to change their avatar, too.

Reddit joins Twitter, Slack, Discord, LinkedIn, and Spotify in announcing a social audio feature. Mashable first broke word that Reddit was working on a social audio feature on April 9th.

Update April 19th, 12:33PM ET: Reddit clarified after publishing that the waitlist is intended only for moderators. Also added that mods will be able to bring on community members as co-hosts in the future.


Why would anyone want to talk to Redditors?

Probably for the same reasons anyone wants to talk to non-redditors.

haha I love how shamelessly they stole Clubhouse’s entire UI.

Taking a page out of Facebook’s playbook stealing from Snapchat and others.

Is there more to Clubhouse’ UI than the grid of icons on a solid-color background? Because I’m not seeing a lot of new UI here to begin with.

Clubhouse has a simple UI, but that doesn’t mean it’s not distinct. Reddit copied the 3-by-X grid of speakers at the top, followed by smaller icons of listeners in a 4-by-X grid.

In fact, as far as I can tell it’s the only place Reddit is using a grid-layout in any of its UI. Everything else on their site is arranged in lists/stacks.

If you have to use the terrible Reddit app to access this, it’s dead in the water. I have always used third-party clients for Reddit on mobile because their app is awful, even after they killed AlienBlue and claimed they were going to use it to make their app better.

I have always used third-party clients for Reddit on mobile because their app is awful

Which one do you recommend?

I love Apollo on iOS, built by a former Apple employee and it feels extremely native, with regular updates.

+1 for Apollo, the guy is regularly involved on reddit as well.

Narwhal is also a great Reddit app.

Baconreader is pretty good as well.

People said the same about RPAN and I still think that’s useless but apparently it’s not dead yet

As somebody who uses Reddit (probably too much) everyday, No thanks.
I generally don’t like using voice chat in general except when I’m talking to irl friends, and I don’t like how this could have some privacy implications.

One of the reasons I use reddit to begin with is the semi-anonymity it provides compared to some other platforms like.

Also, I hate the sound of my own voice when it is recorded (which is another reason, and in fact probably the main one for me not using voicechat in games or on public vc channels on like discord)

It’s like the people running Reddit have forgotten how people actually use their platform and are just chasing to be the most "relevant". The redesign smacks of that too.

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