Here are all the AirTag accessories we know about

Image: Apple
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The Apple AirTags have finally been announced, and with them come a ton of accessories to make them easier to use (so much easier than if it had, say, a built-in way to attach it to things). While a small tracking puck could be carried in a bag, there are a variety of other things that you may want to put an AirTag on that require some sort of holder or the judicious use of tape.

These are all the accessories we could find that are either listed for preorder on the maker’s site or have a page on Apple’s store. We don’t have official ship dates for most of them, but it’s probably a safe bet that the ones on the Apple Store will become available when the AirTags do, on April 30th.

Belkin’s AirTag holder. Tie it to anything!
Image: Apple


Belkin currently has two offerings, a key ring and a strap, which both sell for $12.95. Both products have a circular holder for the AirTag and come in white, black, blue, and pink. They’re currently listed as unavailable in Apple’s online store and as “coming soon” on Belkin’s site.

I genuinely love this.
Image: Nomad


Nomad also offers its take on a keychain, but (characteristically) its version is a leather pouch that encases the AirTag. The company also has a glasses strap, which acts both as a strap to keep your glasses handy and as an AirTag holder in case you manage to misplace them. Both are listed for $39.95 but are marked down to $29.95 if you preorder, which you are able to do now on Nomad’s site.

Spigen’s rugged AirTag case. Maybe you could attach it to your rock climbing gear?
Image: Spigen

Cyrill / Spigen

Cyrill is offering a vegan leather keychain accessory in two colors, black and “stone” (which is a light gray). It costs $19.99 and seems to be available now. Spigen, Cyrill’s parent company, is also offering its own AirTag cases: a keychain accessory and a ruggedized case with a hefty clip connector (and what appears to be a bottle opener, though it’s not listed as a feature). Both are $24.99 — the keychain is available to order today, and the rugged case is available for preorder.

This is the bag charm. I dare you to put it on a Gucci or Louis purse.
Image: Apple


Apple has a history with Hermès; the French luxury company made some jaw-droppingly expensive Apple Watch bands. True to form, the Apple Store lists a leather key ring, luggage tag, and bag charm made by Hermès — costing $349, $449, and $299 respectively. It is worth noting, though, that the accessories do include an AirTag with a custom “Hermès” engraving, so you can flex while you find. The key ring and bag charm come in orange, brown, and what looks like black but is listed as “bleu indigo.” The luggage tag is currently only shown in brown. Like Belkin’s offerings, they are currently unavailable through the Apple Store.

Is this One Infinite Loop? Nope, just Apple’s AirTag loop.
Image: Apple


Of course, Apple offers its own first-party accessories. Currently, Apple has a leather key ring, leather loop, and polyurethane (think Apple Watch sport band) loop listed on its store, coming in at $35, $39, and $29 respectively. All three are available in various colors and are currently listed as unavailable.

The hard-shell version is meant for drones, bike seats, luggage, and the like.
Image: Moment


Moment, known for making add-on lenses for your phone, is now making some interesting AirTag accessories: they’re little patches, in a variety of materials, that let you discreetly stick an AirTag places, whether that’s on the inside of a backpack, jacket, bike seat, etc. The mounts are available for pre-order today, with the fabric and curved-surface mounts costing $14.99 and the hard-shell mount costing $19.99.

It looks like an evil red eye, which dbrand would probably appreciate.
Image: dbrand


Device-customization company dbrand is offering pre-orders for its skins (which sounds very creepy, without context) that allow users to change the color of their AirTags. A pack that allows you to add a dot of color to the front and back of the tracker will cost $4.95, and comes with dbrand’s promise to “make your tiny frisbee look and feel like it’s worth the four full-sized frisbees that your $29 could have bought instead.”

The company is also creating a case, which adds the much-needed (or not, depending on who you ask) attachment hole that Apple left off the AirTags. The case is available for pre-order, includes a keychain and lanyard loop, and costs $15. There’s also a $19.95 pack that also includes a skin.

Everybody else

Of course, with how long AirTags have been rumored, there were some manufacturers that wanted to get a head start with their accessories. Last night, we saw various key rings show up on Walmart, Etsy, and eBay.

Update April 22nd, 8:15PM ET: Updated to reflect that dbrand now includes a keychain with its accessory.



Apple the monopoly creating a whole new market for third party vendors again

I remember going to CES back when Jobs was still alive and Apple famously didn’t attend in any formal way but Apple was still everywhere because accessories for Apple devices dominated the floor.

wait….you’re telling me that Apple had an option to prevent companies from making covers for a product?

This does not absolve Apple of any monopolistic behavior people accuse Apple of doing.

Talk about mis-characterizing the relationship between the two. Apple doesn’t "create a market" (not in the sense you imply, at least), they just happen to have a large market share, which means accessory makers necessarily have a symbiotic relationship with Apple (not a one way street, as a large range of accessories also contribute to the popularity of Apple devices).

If any company had Apple’s market share, they would end up doing the same thing whenever they release a new device, without trying to "create a market" for third party vendors.

It’s as crazy as characterizing the Apple and developers relationship as a one way street.

In what market is Apple a monopoly?

Beats me, but everybody’s saying it! Must be true.

I’ll have to ask them for all their drawings on the back of napkins to help explain it to me.

If they could restrict they would have restricted.

I’d want to hide this. It’s most useful when your things get stolen and I don’t want it very visible to thieves. I’d sew it into expensive clothing, or hide it in bags.

That was exactly our thought process designing Moment Mounts for AirTags. We figure if someone steals something valuable with a flashy AirTag on it, they’ll remove the tag… best to keep it hidden somewhere more discrete.

I think your vision is the best yet. Bonkers overpriced though.

how is 15 dollars "bonkers overpriced" though?

It’s a tiny piece of plastic. It’s like a phone case but 20 times smaller.

Do you think that the only cost in producing the product is the raw plastic cost?

Last time I bought a mold for producing a plastic product it was over $125,000, and that was in 1995.

Among other costs of course. Design, marketing, labor, packaging shipping, etc.

I can almost guarantee you the cost of the plastic is one of the smallest costs in bringing these to market.

Then why are there ones on amazon for a few bucks now? Yes it is expensive to ramp up production, but scale brings prices down fast.

To be fair, Apple’s plastic accessory for the AirTag is $30…

Yeah, they’re all insane. unlike a phone case I’d need to buy several of these and they can cost more than the airtag itself when really all I want is a simple keyring. The market will be flooded with cheap ones soon thankfully.

Interesting product. One Q – when you need to change the battery assume you need to unstick and reapply with a new pad? Or is there a way to access the AirTag without removing the whole mount?

That won’t work. If the thief carries an iPhone he’ll be notified that someone else’s AirTag is nearby.
AirTags aren’t designed for unwanted tracking.

I’m sure the Tag won’t alert the thief after it’s been marked as lost.

I think it will.

Otherwise, anyone could just stick an AirTag in someone else’s jacket or bag, mark it as lost and track their every move.

well, I hope the tag still alerts if its been marked as lost – otherwise the not for tracking people would be VERY easy to circumvent – just mark your stalking target as lost and there you go,

but it won’t go off immediately right? I would think, it would take at least a day or something for the thing to go off, that might be enough for me to get my bike back

I don’t understand the luggage tags. The only way I can’t think of to lose your luggage is if it was stolen, in which case a visible tracker is the last thing you want. This is just misplaced bling.

I’ll just wait for the 2 dollar Chinese cases that add a key ring slot that should of been included in the box over these things that cost more than the tags themselves.

I think people who travel for work frequently could think of some reasons. I travel several times a year, but it’s for weeks at a time. I could see if I was flight hopping and criss-crossing the country the risk of leaving a bag at a hotel or an airport restaurant, etc.

Pretty easy to do if you’re always on the move with multiple bags.

Sure, but the tag is still more useful hidden inside an obscure pocket of the bag then purposefully screaming "here I am!"

Yes, if the concern is theft. Realistically, you’re never getting it back in that instance, tag or not.

And there are options that seem aimed at being more discreet if that is your option.

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