Amazon is in talks to buy MGM for $9 billion

James Bond, The Handmaid’s Tale, Rocky, Stargate, Robocop, Legally Blonde, Vikings, a historic catalog of films dating back many decades, an array of production and distribution companies, and the content network Epix — these are the things that Amazon might own if it buys storied film giant MGM for billions of dollars in the very near future.

Amazon has reportedly offered $9 billion for the company, according to Variety, following a scoop from The Information earlier in the day that suggested a range of $7-10 billion for a potential deal, and Variety suggests that $9 billion was also the amount that MGM was reportedly hoping to get.

Between those factors, the fact that MGM has been up for sale since December 2020, and the jealousy that comes with the sudden impending existence of a new media giant earlier today as AT&T spins off WarnerMedia and combines it with Discovery, it wouldn’t be very surprising if Amazon and MGM made a deal. The Information was slightly less bullish in its report today, though, writing that “The status of Amazon’s discussions with MGM is unclear and it’s possible no deal will result.”

In December, The Guardian reported that MGM has a library of 4,000 films and 17,000 hours of TV. James Bond in particular is one of the most valuable film franchises ever made — a list that’s only growing smaller as the Disney umbrella and Marvel Cinematic Universe swallow as many rivals as it can.


Lost 10 to Microsoft, 9 is even less… cheap.

Excited to watch the inevitable bidding war between Apple and Amazon for this.

I’ve thought Apple should buy MGM since they got into streaming. They could really use the back catalog.

If Apple doesn’t go after MGM, then I don’t believe that they are serious about streaming. I also kinda think Amazon need this catalog. Amazon is pumping out a lot of originals, but they don’t own much beyond that, and the way things rotate in and out of Prime is hard to keep track of. I hardly watch TV shows on Prime because they either don’t have what I want or they only have a few select seasons.

Oh, they are serious. Don’t confuse Apple with Google. Apple likes to build from within, which I generally think is very smart.

However, media is different. Acquiring a back catalog makes sense here.

Apples family friendly approach to movies isn’t going to survive.

Obviously you’ve never looked at any of their shows or movies and you’re just going off the rumors that Apple would only allow kid friendly content. I’d say 90% of their content is not kid friendly

Apple (by which I mean Tim Cook) has no problem with run-of-the-mill PG-13 to R-rated fare, so long as it’s
a) politically correct and favors the correct groups, and
b) uses cursing, violence, and sex sparingly

Tim Cook personally canceled a rap biopic because it had too much cursing / violence.

…have you seen Mythic Quest? That show is absolutely not politically correct and Apple seems to have no issues letting it push boundaries.

"See" has a scene where one of the main characters masturbates whilst reciting The Lords Prayer.

The 9th word in The Morning Show is "Motherfuck".

Just because Ted Lasso is a nice, charming show doesn’t mean that Apple is family friendly or run of the mill.

You could say that about Disney as a studio too… which is why Touchstone and Miramax existed.

There’s easy ways around potential imaging issues.

It’s too bad a studio that has a Movies Anywhere partnership isn’t interested in MGM.

Amazon’s storefront is integrated into movies anywhere. No reason to think they wouldn’t put MGM movies on the service.

Sure there is… money. Here’s hoping that you’re right.

If they own MGM and release those movies exclusively on Amazon (free with Prime or for rental/download), Amazon have absolutely zero incentive to participate in Movies Anywhere. Amazon has never, ever been known to play nicely with other companies.

Amazon is good

Amazon is bad

Man, the fall was steep. So other than riding on Bond movies every few years, they’ve relied on a couple TV shows and the odd 90s movie to keep them relevant? Such a shame.

When I first saw the title, it felt like a bigger deal than it apparently is.

This is absolutely terrifying for anyone who appreciates film. Imagine having the world’s largest store, largest cloud services provider, and top 5 streaming service own a Hollywood studio. Hopefully, the Biden DoJ blocks this on anti-competitive grounds.

I hope this doesn’t happen. Amazon’s original content isn’t great (the word amateurish comes to mind) and I don’t want them anywhere near a traditional studio. We don’t need their type of thinking involved in film and TV. (I recall a recent story about Bezos interfering in TV shows to the point where he was ruining them) There have also been rumors about Apple buying them, which I’d be more okay with

Amazon’s original content isn’t great (the word amateurish comes to mind) and I don’t want them anywhere near a traditional studio.

Maybe they realize this which is part of the reason for buying a real studio to drive their new content in addition to providing a permanent back catalog to draw from. I haven’t followed it closely so I don’t remember hearing things about Bezos interfering in their original content (I definitely remember hearing rumors about Cook interfering with the content over at Apple early on) but Bezos is stepping down as CEO by the end of this year to focus on his non-Amazon projects so maybe he won’t be around that much to meddle with things. I’m not sure I see why Apple would be a better fit than Amazon, both of them seem very capable of messing it up.

I’d be more interested to see if Sony is still looking to offload Sony Pictures/Tristar.

I know it would be viewed negatively by the overall community and I’m not sure regulators would even allow it but if Sony Pictures is for sale I would selfishly want Disney to buy them just to finally get all of the Marvel IP back in the MCU.

Disney doesn’t need to do that. If Sony sells their movie studios, the Spider Man license and sub-properties reverts to Marvel.

You know, I think I read that somewhere once too. Is that confirmed or just a rumor?

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