Reddit seems to be back after an almost hour-long outage

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Reddit had a bit of a blip on Tuesday afternoon, going down for almost an hour. According to Reddit’s status page, the issues started around 1:56PM ET. At 2:17PM ET, Downdetector reports spiked, with around 45,000 users reporting problems connecting to its homepage and subreddits. Staff here at The Verge were also unable to load the site, with some getting a blank homepage and others experiencing slow loading times and getting kicked off of pages.

The status page now indicates that Reddit has implemented a fix and is monitoring the results. While the status page still shows that there’s a partial outage, we were all able to successfully load and browse the site.

Downdetector reports are also dropping, indicating that more users are seeing the same results that we are.

Reddit did not reply to a request for information on what caused the outage, but we’ll update if we hear back.


Damn, first time in my memory they’ve had an outage this long. Probably not that big a deal though, it’s not like there’s many competitors users can escape to, Reddit is a unique beast for now.

I guess that $150 million investment from Tencent wasn’t enough. reddit should look into taking even more money from Chinese firms.

lmao verge comment section’s wild

The Verge’s comment section is people who only read the headlines of anything, unless it’s a short article they can make a witty comment about.

Lol I love the reddit dweebs who are all up in arms about Chinese meddling in their precious website but are still using it everyday

And productivity ticks up a small notch.

See you at r/downtimebananas after.

LOL, i should have known. i just assumed my god damn VPN was acting up again….. totally uninstalled my VPN to cause i was mad.

Back already half an hour later. Slow news day, huh?

Bud it’s a tech news website and it’s news when a major website has an outage that lasts more than a few minutes.

Plenty of times Reddit had outages happen for several hours and not a peep.

No it definitely gets reported. I’ve seen it with previous major outages on Reddit, and Twitter was down a couple times a week or two ago and it was reported on. It’s 2021 dude, get with the times.

Wow what a scathing blow that they sometimes report outages and sometimes don’t. You blew the case wide open kid. Truly this is a sign that journalistic integrity is dead.

My whole point was "they sometimes report outages and sometimes don’t", which you are apparently really offended by. Talk to someone about your anger issues.

Well then it was a weird point to make as though it were an indictment of this site

as though it were an indictment of this site

Projection, mate.

Boss if you weren’t actually trying to rip on the site with your dumb comment then you need to reevaluate how you communicate with people because you’re doing it wrong.

Projection, mate.

I just hope we bought the infiltration team enough time…

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