Foundation will debut on Apple TV Plus in September

Foundation — Apple’s big-budget adaptation of the classic Isaac Asimov books — finally has a release date: it’ll debut on Apple TV Plus sometime this September, according to an email to subscribers obtained by MacRumors. An exact release date has yet to be announced, although, presumably, Apple will provide details on that in the coming weeks as the marketing blitz for the show picks up.

The series has been a long time coming. Apple first announced Foundation back in 2018, as one of the marque series for the streaming service, and it debuted a trailer for it during its WWDC keynote presentation last year. But due to delays from the COVID-19 pandemic, the show was delayed to late 2021, and Apple hasn’t really shown off any more footage or information since.

Set to star Jared Harris as Hari Seldon, Lee Pace the Emperor of the Galaxy, and Lou Llobell as Gaal Dornick, the series appears to be starting at the same place Asimov’s series does: with the Galactic Empire still at its height, but with Seldon’s “psychohistory” predicting its downfall, necessitating the creation of the titular Foundation to house mankind’s knowledge during a new dark age.

Since launching in late 2019, Apple’s streaming service has been searching for its must-watch flagship series, a Game of Thrones, The Witcher, Bridgerton, or Mandalorian of a show that gets viewers to pay the service’s monthly cost. And while the service has seen some success from shows like For All Mankind and The Morning Show — two of its earliest debuts — neither series has turned into the kind of massive hit that can drive an entire streaming service.

So far, the biggest impact of TV Plus has been in the unlikely hero of Jason Sudeikis’ sports comedy Ted Lasso — so much so, in fact, that Apple appears to be timing the end of its extended promotional free trial for day-one TV Plus subscribers just ahead of the show’s upcoming second season. Apple is betting that the show will be the draw to get viewers to start subscribing in earnest.

Apple TV Plus is currently available for $4.99 a month or as part of the company’s Apple One service bundles, which also include iCloud storage, Apple Music, Apple Arcade, and on the highest tier, Apple News Plus and Apple Fitness Plus.


Cancelled my test period today, as the second season of Mythic Quest is just boooooring and Foundation, the only show that really sparked my interest is still not available. Not worth paying for that service as of now. Might subscribe again for a month to binge Foundation and maybe Ted Lasso if the second season is better than the second season of Mythic Quest. But I doubt it.

Definitely agree to disagree on that one, Mythic Quest became my biggest draw to TV+ so far. Backstory was another banger of a special episode, that’s what they do best, these one of episodes that blow it out of the park. Dark Quiet Death is still my favorite, but season 2 has been good. Also Everlight.

Mythic Quest Season 2 has been really good. As good as anything else on TV at the moment, certainly in its genre.

I was late to For All Mankind but it too has been very good.

With Season 2 of Central Park and Ted Lasso coming — plus Foundation — it’s really a no brainer for us.

If they don’t get people willing to pay, they’ll probably end up giving free trials again. They can’t seem to give the Apple Arcade 3 month trials away.

Foundation, the only show that really sparked my interest is still not available.

They sure have some nerve having a production schedule that doesn’t meet your needs.

You are missing my point. I don’t expect anything from Apple and certainly not that any of their productions will be done as of my demand. In fact I couldn’t care less. It’s just that without Foundation there is no other content available justifying to continue my trial as a payed service.

I’m trying very hard to temper my expectations here. Loved the books.

Same here. I’ve much enjoyed all the Apple TV+ content I’ve watched so far and that makes me extra-psyched for Foundation. Here’s hoping I’m not going to get disappointed…

Loved the books.

Well…. the first three.

Honestly, I like them all, including the ones tying in his robot stories, although it’s been years now since I read them all. I wonder if I should pick them up again or just enjoy the show…

I also liked the contributions by the three Killer Bees (Bear, Benson, Brin).

I even like the shift in format/tone in Edge and Earth and again for Prelude and Forward.

Yeah this is going to be quite a pulloff to translate these books well to the screen, might be one of their best shows if they come close. Hasn’t been done before.

Loved the Foundation trilogy as well. What’s wild is that since I read them 20 years ago, the Hari Seldon-type math seems less and less like fiction. See: Peter Turchin. Or Google.

I googled Hari Seldon mathematics and a 2013 article in wired predicted mass riots in 2020 …. are we not going to talk about that XD.

Did we have mass riots in 2020? We had marches and some rioting. I guess we had some political terrorism in early 2021. We have had an increase in violence, which was also predicting. It’s interesting.

There’s some really good content on AppleTV+ , pretty excited for this one to come out. Apple One really is a fantastic value if you’re sharing with a family.

Thanks Tim!

I want to give credit to Apple the most generous trial period. Got free 1 year from last year’s watch purchase

They should just make them stackable as a perk of buying Apple hardware. The one year period was good, but I’d still only need to pay for a month next year to catch up on what I want.

Well…this is the first show that I have any interest in on Apple TV Plus. I’ll wait for reviews, but they might get one month out of me.

I watched a couple of episodes of Ted Lasso while on a flight back in April, and I didn’t laugh once…so it’s apparently not for me. I’m not really into PG comedies.

Ted Lasso gets all the love but I like Mythic Quest better

Have really enjoyed both.

I decided to spend some time browsing the TV+ app yesterday and there were actually a few series available that looked moderately interesting, but I’d never heard about them (Physical for one).

It made me realize how terrible the TV+ experience is on an Apple TV. I get Apple tries blurring the lines between streaming services when you use their TV app, but by blending in their own content they make it entirely undiscoverable.

I avoid using the TV app because Apple surfaces paid-to-view content alongside your included-in-subscription content, so you often have the frustrating experience of thinking you found something you want to watch, then realizing you have to pay $10.

Apple really needs to release a standalone TV+ app if they want to get real subscriber traction. Also, rename the damn streaming service.

There is an Apple TV+ Originals button at the bottom of the app right next to the Watch Now button.

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