Leaked Surface Duo 2 photos reveal new triple camera system

Surface Duo 2.

Microsoft is readying a Surface Duo 2 for release later this year. Leaked images have revealed the dual-screen device will include a new triple camera system. The leaked images first appeared in a YouTube video last month, and Windows Central claims they’re legitimate. Microsoft is expected to launch its Surface Duo 2 device in September or October.

The camera system on the Surface Duo 2 appears to be the main significant hardware change on this device. It’s rumored to include a telephoto, ultrawide angle, and standard lens. The leaked photos show a bump at the rear of the device, just like many existing flagship Android phones. It also appears that Microsoft has moved its fingerprint reader into the power button on the Duo 2 and centered the USB-C port on the right-hand side.

The Surface Duo 2 reportedly includes a triple camera system.
Image: Tech Rat (YouTube)

The Surface Duo 2 is expected to have relatively minor design tweaks overall, with most of the significant changes appearing in the camera system and internal specs. Rumors suggest the Surface Duo 2 will include Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 processor, 5G support, and an NFC chip for contactless payments. Microsoft may even slightly increase the size of each display on the Surface Duo 2, with slightly thinner bezels and options for both black and white color variants.

Microsoft appears to be sticking with separate screens on the Surface Duo 2, instead of opting for a truly foldable screen like Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 3. That means all eyes will be on how well Microsoft improves the software side of the Surface Duo 2. The original device has had a variety of software updates, but Android 11 still hasn’t appeared yet. That’s left the Surface Duo as a buggy device, with regular issues with multitasking and gestures, a screen turning off during book mode, and lockups using the fingerprint reader.


The great thing about the first one was that it didn’t have a camera bump… Now it’s not gonna close flush when it’s flipped outside. Also, who asked for a triple camera? All it needed was one good camera.

One good camera probably isn’t possible without a bump because it’s too thin to fit a decent module inside. Once they add a bump they might as well make the most of it with a modern standard array of lenses, right?

Well, if they have to add a bump, they could simply make that one side thicker all the way… Now it won’t shut flush with the screens on the outside.
But it’s nothing but a leak so far. Let’s see how the device will look like in the end

Add a case which sits flush with the camera bump (with a big ugly hole for the flash) and all is well.

The hinge would have to be tall enough to allow for flush closing with a case. While I normally do exactly that with my phones, it won’t work in that case. In the end I don’t think it will be a dealbreaker either way and if the specs and price are somewhat reasonable I might buy one.

Yeah, excellent point. I guess it’s a compromise to give the user the better camera, but it diminishes one of the advantages of this two-screen design: a flush, screen-out experience. It must have been a tough call to make as smartphones have become most people’s main camera. I’m not sure if they were right or wrong on this one.

If you have bump, it looks ugly and doesn’t close flush with screens facing out. If you have a thicker half, you have a thicker device that is harder to pocket. As well as unbalanced weight and shape plus a lot more weight in general (assuming MS uses the space for battery – that it isn’t mere empty space).

I don’t think it would work better, but it might – if you predominantly hold it with one hand it might be better to have one half heavier than the other.

Have you considered the possibility that the camera bump is there to improve camera quality?

They could’ve had a single camera bump, made a dent on the half & made it so that it closed flush. But having 3 cameras takes up too much space to do that.

Have you considered the reason why all major phones (iPhone, Samsung etc) all have camera bumps? If it was possible to make it a single camera, don’t you think they would have made it?

It’s easy to describe how things should work if you’re not the one designing it.

None of those phones are meant to be folded more than 180°, that’s why this stands out. By gluing the camera on the back they’ve made it so it will no longer fold flat, ironically by trying to make it more appealing to the mainstream by adding a real camera they have made it even harder to use in single screen, aka "normal phone" mode.
It also won’t sit flat when completely open. You think the Note has bad wobble?

have you seen the Galaxy Z Fold 2?

Folding phones don’t flip all the way around – this is supposed to do that.

For the user, I think the requirement for a better camera has priority.

The bumper case for the current Duo is already bigger on the back and the phone closes fine. I’m pretty sure that will be the case here. In fact, they probably looked at the bumper case and realized they have that much extra space to work with to get a more modern camera to fit. With a bumper case designed for this, I bet it looks just fine.

I hate the bump on the back too. Microsoft could’ve added a camera bump on the inside on one screen where the camera already is and a recess for the camera bump on the other screen. One of the Surface Duo prototypes had a camera bump with an opposing recess but I think it was on the outside to allow the phone close when used in single screen mode like a traditional phone. This uses some of the internal space of the phone but the phone has a lot of empty space anyway. Also the internal bump will not affect placing the phone flat on a table like I do all the time with my phones. Add to that your selfies will be amazing with one less component affecting size and price.

Glad they’re sticking with it. I love weird devices that take risks.

Are you voting it with your wallet?

Just bought a Razr 5G!
Here’s to hoping some wallet will fuel some cool stuff.

I think i might, i have the Galaxy S10 and i love it but its getting a bit dated. If Microsoft ditches the huge bezels, adds SD support and fixes the UI i would definitely consider the Duo.
Also lower the price, not sure why it launched at $1,400.00 with old specs.

Bought the first, hoping for a decent trade in for this one. I can’t have a daily driver with a terrible camera.

Loved v1. Can’t wait for v2! Former samsung s20, s11, s10+, and s8 owner.

lol no

I have, and I will again.

I really want this to succeed. I really wanted a gen1 but simply could not pull the trigger with those specs. If this brings the smoothness up a notch I will bite and get one as my work device. That said, I wish it gets better Android support…

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