Samsung quietly launched its TV Plus streaming service on the web

Samsung TV Plus displayed on a screen.
Image: Samsung

Samsung recently launched a web version of its free and ad-supported Smart TV Plus streaming service for live and linear programming as well as added casting support for Chromecast devices.

The streaming product, which was previously limited to Samsung TV and mobile devices, launched as a web service in the second quarter, Protocol reported Friday. It’s a curious new player in the streaming wars and launched with seemingly little fanfare, but the rollout makes an app that was previously limited to Samsung users now widely available to just about anyone.

Samsung did not have immediate comment about the launch when reached on Friday. However, a spokesperson confirmed the launch of the web version of the service to Protocol.

Samsung TV Plus has been around for years — it’s been available on Samsung smart TVs since 2016 — but the rollout to additional devices outside of the streaming ecosystem places it more directly in competition with ad-supported streaming services like Peacock, the Roku Channel, or any number of linear-programming freebies like Pluto TV or Plex.

While it’s unclear why the company seems to have decided to soft launch the web version of its streaming service now, Samsung appears to be exploring ways to bring TV Plus to a larger audience. Choice is always great and you can’t beat the price of free (particularly if you can stand to sit through ads), but if Samsung’s ambitions are to dominate the linear streaming space, it’s a bit late to the party.


‘Free’ is never late to the party.

Especially if the quality is decent

Agreed, they should include a PWA of the service in all their windows devices, put it on the new MS Store as well.

Just because they’re free doesn’t mean they don’t have a business that needs to compete. In this case, they compete for advertisers. If advertisers look at Samsung’s paltry numbers and shrug, they’ll just place their ads with Google, Facebook, Amazon and Roku and Samsung won’t have a viable business.

"Free" ad-based streaming isn’t an easier job than competing with Netflix and Disney. I’d say it’s a harder market to break into.

Good move by Samsung. Its a great service. And whats up with the anti Samsung line at the end… smh.

Hipster bloggers balatantly hate Samsung for no good reason. This is obviously a great offering for "free". The author must have too much money.

Just acknowledging that it’s too late for me-too products to be launched. There’s already many more successful companies going after ad budgets. Google, Facebook and Amazon are pretty much just dividing digital advertising among themselves. Good luck competing with them.

Now, I’d just be happy if I could get a TV with an remote which does not have a netflix or a google play button …

I have a Q70R, and I use the remote from the Q7: BN59-01272A (No advertisement buttons)

Just search with your tv model number on amazon/ebay. Easy to pick up duplicate remotes with no advertised buttons. I bought one for my Samsung TV last year.

I tested their website, the user interface is slow and choppy, I checked the CPU usage, it’s used like %80 of CPU!
they need to optimize their website.

Why is there no direct link in the article? Am I just not seeing it on mobile? It’s like videogame reviews that never mention release date or console.

Agreed, weird omission. Here’s the link:

Par for the course here. I’ve been moderated for just mentioning it.
Of course if there’s a way to make money from it you’ll be sure there will be an affiliate link

The fact that broadcast channels arent freely streamable on services like Radio has been for decades is part of the reason why they are being left behind.

The fact that most people under 50 don’t understand that you can watch dozens of HD channels for free with no monthly fee just by installing an amazing piece of technology called an "aerial", is why broadcast TV channels only advertise memory loss pills and adult diapers.

You mean antenna?
Also, it really depends on where you live, even in LA my old apartment got 0 signal due to the hills and other buildings. It’s not available to everyone as some people like to claim.

Aerial is perfectly fine depending on where you live.
The rest of you’re comment just makes America look rubbish if they can’t even get an aerial to work

America is a very big country, and OTA reception varies dramatically. When I was growing up (Chicago suburbs) we had a large rooftop aerial and we still couldn’t get a clear signal from one of the major networks (CBS), even only like 20 miles away—with basically flat terrain—from a transmitter located on top of what was at the time the tallest building in the country (Sears Tower). Your mileage may vary, but yeah OTA reception is a total crapshoot.

My folks were Luddites when it came to tech, no Cable, and no Internet for way longer than was normal (downloadable Podcasts were a godsend). But I had access to 2 major markets with relatively good reception. I moved to another area and all we had was one CW Station and PBS.

Lucky you lol

Thankfully I had internet by then.

Which is why these stations are wayyy overdue to be on services like this and Pluto.

Doesn’t Paramount+ include CBS on air channel?

Still behind a paywall though. "Free Over the Air" needs to cross devices to survive.

Make that VERY quietly launching this.

The website makes no mention it is available on something other than Samsung devices, if that is really the ase.

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