Lyft introduces annual Lyft Pink subscription with better bike-share perks

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge
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Lyft is introducing a new annual tier for its Lyft Pink membership program that’s cheaper than paying for the service on a monthly basis and comes with better bike-share perks, the company announced Thursday. The new annual plan will cost $199 per year, a $40 discount over paying monthly.

Lyft Pink’s primary benefit is a 15 percent discount on car rides, and on the monthly tier, which costs $19.99 per month, it offers three free 30-minute bike or scooter rides per month (in certain markets). With the annual plan, though, you’ll get an unlimited amount of 45-minute bike rides on “classic” bikes (aka non-electric) at many of the company’s bike-share systems across the US as well as discounted rates on e-bike rides.

If you regularly use Lyft year-round, ride on its bikes often, and like other Lyft Pink benefits like priority airport pickups, the new annual option could be a good way to save a little cash.

Correction: The new Lyft Pink bike-share benefits are available only on the new annual plan. They are not coming to the monthly plan, as we originally reported, and we have adjusted the headline and text of the article to reflect this. We regret the error.


They are desperate. Lyft and Uber are shedding drivers like crazy since all the bonus perks set up for the pandemic have ended, which is often driving ride prices anywhere remotely near rush hour above that of cabs – even after the 15% discount. This combined with the slower/worse service that results from Lyft having fewer drivers (while charging more!) is thus shedding riders and Lyft Pink subscribers. Most of their promotional Pink members from their partnership with Chase are also ending. Thus the annual offer to try to get long term subscriptions and people who use the service because they want "their money’s worth".

If they don’t get things under control it’s going to be a bad downward spiral over the next year.

Lyft was my preferred rideshare service when I got Pink for free with my Chase CC. That expired last month, and I can’t imagine ever paying for cheaper rides when I only use them maybe once per month, pre-pandemic.

Also why did they not call it Lyft Pynk?!

Also why did they not call it Lyft Pynk?!


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