Florida man used Disney employee iPad to magically skip lines

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There are tons of books and blogs telling you how to have a magical Disney World experience, but one Florida man discovered the ultimate travel hack: using an app that lets you skip lines running on a possibly stolen employee iPad (via Gizmodo). According to central Florida’s WESH2 news, 30 year-old Rennan Carletto allegedly did just that in June, by giving himself and a group traveling through the park with him an unauthorized jump to the front of the line.

According to a WPTV report, Carletto was leading an unauthorized tour of Hollywood Studios (Disney World’s worst park, no offense) and using the iPad to skip lines for the park’s rides by making reservation overrides. One Disney World fan site theorizes that he may have been taking advantage of Disney’s system that lets people with disabilities reserve certain times for a ride so they don’t have to wait in line. This would seemingly agree with a quote reported by WDW News Today, which classified the app as “a private app for qualifying guests” that’s only installed on devices owned by Disney World.

However Carletto was pulling it off, it seems like it was both easier and better than the confusing FastPass/MaxPass reservation system (which is due to be replaced by a service called Genie Plus).

Of course, as with every travel hack there were a few minor tradeoffs and inconveniences — Carletto ended up having to give the iPad back to a Disney investigator, and was issued a warning by Disney for trespassing. He reportedly told authorities that he didn’t know it was stolen (though it apparently wasn’t ever reported as such).

While I absolutely wouldn’t recommend trying to get your hands on an employee iPad, here’s one piece of travel advice from someone who grew up in Florida and had a December birthday: it’s almost winter, or at least what passes as winter in the Sunshine State, which means that Disney is entering what’s traditionally its slow season. While the wait times won’t be instant like they were for our friend Carletto, they’re likely to be significantly shorter in the off-season.


Hollywood Studios (Disney World’s worst park, no offense)

I take it you haven’t been to Epcot recently.

There’s a lot of great food and beer to be had at Epcot.

Doing the whole "drink around the world" thing at Epcot was a great way to end the last day at Disney.

Shutting down Horizons and letting Innoventions rot from the inside out was the beginning of Epcot’s woes.

There is no off season at disney, especially not December. Christmas and New Years are their busiest days, the place is crazy around that time.

This is definitely true, but late January-February is in my experience way better than June or July.

I can confirm this is true. January is a great time to go.

Going in January next year, very excited no have slower times and not get rained on

Late September is a good time to go too

September is an off season. It’s just that no one wants to go because kids are in school, it’s raining all the time, rides are often closed for pre-holiday maintenance, and it’s still hot and muggy.

But it’s still the off-season!

To be fair "hot and muggy and raining all the time" describes most of the year in central Florida, so it’s not going to be THAT much worse climate-wise.

Yep. We have two seasons here: summer and air conditioning.

I went in mid October I believe 6 yrs or so ago. It was quite nice. Nice weather and short lines. I just went again this past February and it seemed quite busy. Nothing like the summer of course. Its was also hot, mid to high 80s all week. Then I came back to Houston right in time for the freeze. ¯\(ツ)

If it was mid-late February, some northern states have mid-winter break. Or a long weekend for President’s Day. Or just people wanting to get away from the snow.

Am I alone in finding the advice about the "slow season" being a good time to visit kinda suspect given the pandemic? Like, maybe it’s not the best time to recommend people travel to the worst hit state in the country during the winter months when we’re already seeing record numbers in cases and several states are triaging people in their overrun hospitals?

Ah, I didn’t mean this year. The advice was meant to be in general for… whenever this thing is over.

A suggestion… Make a note of that in the article.
I bet you are as tired as I am but still, make it clear that this is one of those things you do after its over.

Many here in Florida already erased COVID-19 from their memories and have been living a post-pandemic life since about last summer…

Well… At least on the plus side, it probably now has a strong Inhumation-based Economy. ☠︎︎☻︎☠︎︎

Can confirm. Went maskless one day and can now create earthquakes with my mind.

Edit: misread that as an Inhuman-based economy

Yeah, we have been hearing that for the last 6 months and so has the Variants of this damn virus. Little problem with living the post-pandemic life in the middle of a pandemic… it makes things worse.
Long, expletive-laden story short… Florida has not had a good run of things, the vaccines have helped but yeah, log this advice for after we are actually done.

Hmmmmm verge sus amogus

Florida is a biohazard thanks to Desantis. No freaking way we would ever go there for a holiday.

"it’s an older code Sir, but it checks out"

I’m surprised that Disney didn’t lock him up and forced him to Sing its a Tiny World …..
He got off lucky.

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