Microsoft Start is a personalized news feed designed for Windows 11, mobile, and more

Microsoft Start is a personalized news feed.
Image: Microsoft

Microsoft is launching Microsoft Start today, a personalized news feed that integrates into Windows 11 and is accessible online and on iOS and Android. Microsoft Start is very similar to the MSN feed that exists today and to Microsoft News. Microsoft is rebranding these into Microsoft Start and integrating the feed into the Windows 11 widgets section and the Windows 10 taskbar.

Much like Microsoft News, Microsoft Start includes news and media channels from more than 1,000 publishers. Microsoft uses AI and machine learning algorithms to sort through which news is presented to users and to personalize content based on interests and how you engage with content. There’s also some “human moderation” involved, but Microsoft did layoff dozens of journalists and editorial workers at its Microsoft News and MSN organizations last year, so it’s not clear how involved editors will be.

The new Microsoft Start logo will appear on mobile first.
Image: Microsoft

Microsoft Start will surface top stories, personalized recommendations, and sports scores or the weather in its feed. It’s very much the combination of Microsoft’s efforts in recent years with MSN, Microsoft News, and the taskbar widget in Windows 10. MSN won’t be going away, but Microsoft Start will be the new brand for Microsoft News.

The standalone website,, will be accessible from all modern web browsers, and the mobile versions of Microsoft News will be rebranded to Microsoft Start. Once Windows 11 launches next month, Microsoft Start will also be available in widget form from the dedicated section of the new OS. Microsoft Edge will also include a Microsoft Start feed on the new tab page.

If you’re interested in trying out Microsoft Start, it’s available online right now or through the iOS and Android mobile apps.


Lol, doesn’t Windows 11 already have something called Start on the taskbar?

Is Start in Start?
No, Start is in Widgets! Start is in Start!

Looks like a good Google News replacement? Interesting

If it stays anything close to the news feed you get in Edge or in the current widgets thing it’s basically worthless spam all the time. But honestly Google’s new feed is perpetually getting worse and worse too so it’s not like MS’s option isn’t competitive now

Local journalism is practically dead here. Just clickbaiting police reports and the weather. They haven’t got much to work with

Why call it the same thing as the main functional menu in Windows? Leech off brand recognition? You’re just confusing people.

Why call it "Windows Subsystem for Linux" when it’s actually a Linux subsystem for Windows?

Because Linux is a trademark and you can’t use a trademark as the first word of your product name.

It’s not a product name, just a feature included in Windows

Because it isn’t, it is a Windows Subsystem with the purpose of running Linux.

Ugh, the MSN feeds I’ve encountered are usually full of clickbait. I turn them off the first chance I get.

Yeah, this was my thought as well. Not really that tempting if it’s based on MSN, the existing News App, etc.

That’s all of news today.

Why does Microsoft think people want yet another news feed? Can’t they think of anything better to do with their widgets?

Every large tech company think we wants news in the OS or that they can personalize it for us. They’re all garbage and I don’t want that crap in my OS UI. Oh and AI is terrible at guessing what I want to see. Even YouTube’s algorithm is correct 25% of the time for me. 50% on a good day.

Apple had an MP3 player > Microsoft had to have an MP3 player
Apple had an app store > Microsoft had to have an app store
Apple put out a touch phone OS > Microsoft had to put out a touch phone OS
Google had online search > Microsoft had to have online search
Google had an open source browser > Microsoft had to make a new version of open source browser
Google has a news feed > Microsoft MUST have a news feed!

Are you new to tech? No, you absolutely are not. You just think it is cool to make fun of or bash good old Microsoft. Because I can’t think of another reason why you will make false and misleading statements.

What is inaccurate about what I posted. Don’t insult, address the content if you have a constructive comment.

I’ll point one out. MS had a touch screen phone OS based on MS NT well before the iPhone was a thing. They also had an App Store in their follow up OS on the HTC HD2. As far as "smart tech" MS was doing it first. You can have the rest of the argument, but that one point I’ll fight you on.

OK, now that is the type of answer that was more warranted. Thank you.
You are correct about the touch OS, I should have qualified it with "finger-touch OS".

Some posters find it better to call names than address comments that both address the original comment and also are mostly factually correct. It’s not my problem if Microsoft fans get hurt over the truth. And BTW, I criticize Apple plenty as well. We should all be honest here.

Copy that.

No it’s sillier than that. It’s the entire premise. And how you need to make your mind have one sided amnesia to pull it off.

You could as well say Microsoft has Office, so Google had to do productivity, Microsoft had a browser, so Google did Chrome. Microsoft had Windows so ChromeOS, etc. Microsoft had a phone business so Apple got in too. Microsoft has Hololens, so Apple is making one.

These are the most successful tech businesses. Of course they "copy" each other. It’s business. As long as no one said their IP was stolen totally kosher. If they didn’t do this, each one would be able to charge the moon in their own silo because there would be no alternatives.

Appreciate that you at least gave examples. True about Google and productivity. But of course Word copied WordPerfect and Excel copied Lotus 123, if you really want to go back that far. Internet Explorer was a pivot from Microsoft once key staff convinced Gates that the Internet was a Big Thing, and then they created IE as "part of the operating system", which led to the antitrust suit from the US Government.
Fact is that Microsoft has made it’s entire existence copying what others have done. MS DOS was a near copy of CP/M. Windows was an attempt to copy the Mac UI. IE was a response to Netscape’s browser. Windows NT kernel was developed by the team and patterned after the kernel of Vax/VMS from DEC. Zune was an attempt to copy the iPod’s success. Bing was an attempt to copy Google search’s success. Windows 8’s UI failure was an attempt to respond to the iPad. Etc.
Apple OTOH, pioneered the PC with the Apple II in 1978. They pioneered the GUI in the early ‘80s (Yes I know about Xerox PARC, but it wasn’t a commercial UI and Apple added noteworthy elements such as folders). Apple pioneered desktop publishing, easy to use MP3 player with a music store, and a finger-touch OS which was revolutionary. Offhand I can’t think of anything nearly as innovative as Apple and Google’s major innovations on the Microsoft side. That’s the point I’m making.

I’ll point one out. MS had a touch screen phone OS based on MS NT well before the iPhone was a thing

Sure but it was very far from a modern mobile OS. You still needed to use a stylus for most navigation on devices without a physical keyboard

Did those old devices even work with fingers? I remember trying one that didn’t recognize it at all.

Let’s not forget the Xbox 360. In 2005, we had a seriously sleek piece of hardware, clean packaging, slick custom interface with an app store that essentially changed home entertainment, from games to video services. I’m sure it had been done before but the 360 was really the first piece of tech I remember nailing the whole ecosystem, and this was 3-4 years before we saw Apple’s app store.

Everyone works off of each other, but it’s seriously shortsighted to think Microsoft hasn’t been a major trailblazer.

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