Cortana now works on the Microsoft Band with Android phones

Microsoft originally launched Cortana on the Microsoft Band strictly for Windows Phone users. Less than two years after releasing the original Band, Microsoft is now extending its Cortana feature to Android phone users. The latest Microsoft Health app unlocks Cortana integration for Android users, and you'll need the Cortana app for Android to make use of the feature. As a result, it's limited to the US for now.

The usual voice commands and features of Cortana are available, including the ability to reply to texts and notifications. Microsoft has been consistently updating its Band software, and the recent updates also include the ability to create fitness challenges against friends. The latest Microsoft Health app is available immediately in the Google Play Store.


Cortana is the best bridge between Android and Windows…

You gotta love it!

Cortona, Microsoft, Android in the headline

yet a cool looking image below with an iPhone on it!

You’ll notice on this website that almost every single article on the main page will have an iPhone on it (if it has something to do with phones), even if it isn’t even related to the iPhone.

Now start actually marketing the Band Microsoft. It works on all platforms so it should be up there with Fitbit.

Personally speaking, I’ve been a huge fan of Cortana and the information it provides, which was a huge draw for me towards the Windows Phone (Nokia 925). However, due to the very limited apps on the Windows Store, I made the move back to Android (Galaxy S6). Now this announcement of Cortana compatibility with Andriod and the MS Band 2! I’m super excited. #MondayGotBetter #MSFTNeedsToMarketToConsumersBetter

Anyone else see Microsoft’s Android phone yet?

That’s what I thought. It seems like Android will be the mobile OS they will use now.

To some extent it has sense: if you can’t keep up with the enemy, join them. Or in this case, use them to sell services

Is anybody running the N preview able to get Cortana to work? Was hoping to try this out on my Nexus 5X, but I keep getting a ‘I wasn’t able to connect’ error when I open the app :’-/…

Thanks Microsoft for keeping ANY feature EXCLUSIVE to your platform. Microsoft your a joke. You spend MILLIONS if not BILLONS building a platform and a pretty nice one at that, then just take every advantage to the platform to every other platform.

Let me guess, Google now is coming to Windows Phone ? How about Siri ?

LOL, Another Great Product from Microsoft down the drain because of how it’s managed…

I was die hard Windows Phone fan, 5-6 different devices…. After the last BS of this, and this ? I think I am on Android for good now.

Cool. You’re still gonna use MS products though, aren’t you? Even if it’s not hardware. You’re not wrong per se, but the world has changed. Even if MS somehow claws back meaningful market share on phones, it’d only be because everyone else is moving on. At this point, they’re moving forward and looking ahead to fights it can actually win. Personally, I think that’s a pretty good strategy.

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