Samsung will announce the Galaxy Note 7 on August 2nd

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Samsung has today revealed plans for an event on August 2nd in New York City where it will officially announce the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone. The Note 7, which has been rumored for months, is expected to have a dual curved display, much like the existing Galaxy S7 Edge.

Of note, though the last Note device Samsung released was last year’s Note 5, the company is not releasing a Note 6, but jumping straight ahead to the Note 7. This approach brings it to naming parity with the S7 line and also will put it on the same track as the iPhone 7, which is expected to be released this fall. (Astute observers will also pick up on the fact that if you count 2014’s Note Edge, this will be the seventh Note smartphone released by Samsung.) Samsung itself says the name change will "minimize confusion about the latest mobile technology from Samsung, and provide full alignment with Galaxy S smartphone."

A render of what the Note 7 is expected to look like, via Evan Blass

If the Note 7 has a dual-curved display, it will be the first Note phone with such a feature (the Note Edge only curved on one side). It is also expected to have an iris scanner for security and authentication purposes, which is alluded to in the invite's design, which features an iris-like graphic. For more on the Note 7, including all of the official details from Samsung, stay tuned on August 2nd.

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge review


Man, I really hope there’s a non-curved version somewhere in the pipeline, was considering getting a note for the battery life.

Looking at the renders, the edges don’t look as curved as the S7 edge.

Yes, the radius is ‘quicker’. Certainly not as pronounced as my Note 4 Edge of 2014.

Hmm, hard to be sure since we only have front-renders. Could be a smaller radius, or it might be an illusion since this phone is bigger than the S7 Edge. We’ll know in august, but I’m not holding my breath.

You mean ‘larger radius’

I really like my S7 Edge. I will need the Note 7 for my primary line. Looking forward to August 2nd, 2016; but not so as to rush this summer. I anticipate there being plenty of summer still to be enjoyed when the Note 7 makes it into the hands of eagerly awaiting aficionados. There, I’ve said it!

I was mentally all in on a flat Note 7, but every rumor seems to make me less sure.

  • Curved edge seems like it would be harder to hold in a larger device, as well as reduces the amount of usable space for using the SPen
  • Same battery as S7 Edge, despite a bigger screen and (possibly) more powerful SOC
  • Same RAM as S7 Edge (a nitpick, but early rumors said 6GB, so I got my hopes up)

I am sorry, 6gb of ram is a disappointment?

That’s not what they said, they said less than 6 is a disappointment.

No, he is hoping for 6GB of ram. That was the early rumor. The Galaxy Note S7 Edge only has four.

Early rumors said the Note 7 would have 6GB, but the latest now say it will keep the amount at 4GB like the S7 Edge.

Not to say 4GB is a small amount, by any means. I just got swept away with the idea of 6GB somehow.

I did too.

Yeah, the 6GB and 4000mAh were what really put me over the moon. Hopefully those end up being what’s in the Note 7.

I’m definitely buying this…

I’ve owned every single Galaxy Note flagship since the Note 3 and they have been hands-down some of my favorite gadgets ever.

The Note 7 is shaping up to be a beast.

Can’t wait to play around with this.

Timed for the summer Olympic Games , they’ve done that before

Please have a curve free screen option

I wonder if they’ll announce a Gear s3? I think the gear s2 is the best smartwatch on android right now.

Gear S2 isn’t Android, it is Tizen.

And it’s downfall for larger adoption.

They are also announcing a new Gear VR as well, surprised Verge hasn’t noticed this.

Whilst the Gear VR is great on my wifes S7, the SDE is still visible and, if the N7 has the usual larger screen then the SDE will be even more noticeable… unless they up the resolution, and I hope they do! … but doubt it.

Model number SM-R323

They’re still telling us those edge curves are useful, eh? Whatever you say, Samsung…

Never mind, they’ll change them once they realize no-one’s bought the S7 edge and no one’s buying the Note 7.

I wonder who no one is, coz the S7edge sold like hotcakes

Day 1 buy for me!

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