Samsung's Galaxy S7 is outselling Apple's iPhone 6S in the US

The iPhone showed its first decline in sales numbers earlier this year, which has today been reiterated by the latest US mobile market data from Kantar Worldpanel. It finds Apple’s flagship smartphone family lagging behind Samsung’s latest, with 16 percent of American consumers buying a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge and 14.6 percent buying an iPhone 6S or 6S Plus. Now, granted, it’s not a fair fight, owing to Samsung’s S7 and S7 Edge being the newer handsets by half a year, but it’s one that Apple has typically been winning anyway. Not so in 2016.

Looking at sales for the three months ending in May, Kantar also found Samsung had the biggest share of the overall US market, with 37 percent to Apple’s 29 percent. Apple still commands a higher loyalty rating, with 88 percent of current customers intending to buy another iPhone, but Samsung is almost equal, with 86 percent of its users intending to stay loyal. The latter stat is actually a monumental achievement for Samsung, which used to be very good at selling people new devices, but awful at supporting them and making customers feel valued.

This year’s Galaxy S7 generation builds on the solid foundation of last year’s S6 and is undoubtedly the best new flagship we’ve seen since Apple’s last update. Samsung’s consistent improvement in camera quality and user experience is evidently paying off, but it’s also worth noting how early the Korean company was able to release its 2016 flagship. The S7 was out on March 11th, whereas compatriot LG came a month later with its G5 handset, and Taiwan’s HTC was another month later with the HTC 10. Sony, which announced a new flagship-tier device in the Xperia X Performance at the same February event as Samsung’s Galaxy S7 unveiling, still hasn’t brought it out on the market. It’s kind of hard to compete with either Apple or Samsung if your best new product isn’t even on store shelves.


As an iPhone user, I say: go Samsung! Make Apple up their game.

And I’d rather Samsung win than some of the clone shops of China.

And I’d rather Samsung win than some of the clone shops of China.

Is this some sort of ironic post that I’m not getting? Samsung is the biggest clone shop on the planet, pretty much across all industries.

I am no Samsung fan. Their TVs make everything look like soap operas. Their refrigerators all want to be connected to wireless. My S7 Edge sometimes/often/routinely lags in ways that make me really, really miss WP8.1.

But I find it hard to say they’re "the biggest clone shop on the planet." What is my S7 Edge cloning? What are their refrigerators cloning? What are their TVs cloning?

They’re an industry leader in R&D.

I think igorksy’s point (which I don’t necessarily agree with) is that Samsung often enters a market by blatantly copying products from established companies.They did it decades ago with TV’s and more recently with the first couple Galaxy devices. Historically, they’ve been very good at technical R&D, but didn’t pay much attention to industrial design (and were happy to steal whatever good ideas their competitors had). More recently they’ve managed to move away from that and create some truly gorgeous hardware.

Igorsky is a troll. Look at his post history.

Their refrigerators all want to be connected to wireless.

Wait, what? Maybe the $5000 fridge that has a touchscreen. But go to Home Depot and you’ll find like 5 models of Samsung fridges that have no touchscreen and can’t be hooked up to wi-fi.

turn off the setting that creates the soap operas

and read the manual for once

its interpolating frames for a higher refresh rate.

"Apple still commands a higher loyalty rating, with 88 percent of current customers intending to buy another iPhone, but Samsung is almost equal, with 86 percent of its users intending to stay loyal."

I’ve been impressed with security updates on my Samsung Phone (S6) in the last 6 months or so. I’ve been receiving the Android security patches within a month of Google releasing them. Given most flagship phones now have good design and cameras, security and battery life is now the most important issues for me with Android phones. If they keep up with security updates, I’d be happy to buy Samsung again.

For loyalty rating, I think Samsung has done a really good job since there are a ton of other Android phones to choose from when it’s upgrade time. But if you want a new iOS device, you get another iPhone.

Me too. I never wanted to buy the S6 but there was really no alternative to it at the time of launch in my country (besides iPhone 6, but at the time it wasn’t an option, and the M9 but…810). Especially after terrible experience with S3 Mini, but it wasn’t a flagship device, so… That’s Samsung’s main problem. Their support for non-flagship devices is almost non-existent. That is the source of most Samsung haters all over the world (and I completely understand, unlike me once you get burned, you go all in with another company, not the same). I was in for a huge surprise with my S6 with, as you said, regular updates and great performance (compared to that S3 Mini ). I’ll probably get the S8 once it launches.

Not surprising. It’s a better phone, with the exception of TouchWiz.

It’s a better phone, with the exception of TouchWiz

So, with the exception of the thing you are forced to use every second you use the phone, it’s better.

Last I checked, you don’t use TouchWiz when you are inside of an app – which you are always doing when you are actually using the phone. I am not in TouchWiz when I am in the superior camera app, browser, or any of the similar apps that both platforms have like Facebook and such.

Nice try though.

Actually the camera app is considered part of TouchWiz. And it is the best part of it.

Yes, the hardware is better. The software not so much. TouchWiz is not as refined as stock Android or iOS. It does have a great camera app, and some may argue Samsung Pay is better than Apple Pay and Android Pay.

Actually I think it was refined a bit too much. We’ve seen the results of that in the S5. I understand that you are probably speaking from a performance point of view but features are important too. Touchwiz has no competition in that regard (except CM probably). They did tone it down, it’s better than before, but there’s even more room for improvement, and that’s why I can’t wait for Grace UX and Nougat.

with the exception of the thing you are forced to use every second you use the phone

You are also forced to use the hardware every second you use the phone, so what exactly is your point?

You really didn’t follow, did you?

I used to agree that TW was awful… but on the GS7 it has come a long way… Much Much Much further than iOS has come since inception.

One might even say TW is "Nice"

"Being forced to use the UI every second I use the phone" is exactly why I don’t have an iPhone. If I don’t like the launcher on my Android phone, I can change it.

I’ve been saying the above for years, but I’ve just now realized how much trouble Android could be in if Apple simply allowed the iPhone UI to be user-configurable. It would certainly make me consider the iPhone, whereas now it’s not even in contention when I’m choosing a new phone.

Said from the point of view as a tech-head. If iOS allows for configurable home screens it isn’t putting Android in trouble because the vast, vast majority of. Android users are not configuring home screens. They’re not changing keyboards, they’re not downloading alternate apps.

I used to sell Android exclusively at a local department store and I couldn’t tell you how many people would come back with questions and when I unlock their phone I find the same standard widgets you get when you first set up a new phone.

TouchWiz makes it a better phone for me. YMMV.

I have an iPhone 6S+/SE combo now, but I always get tempted by the S7 hardware when I see it. It’s beautiful and I wish Apple would up their phone design game instead of resting on their laurels. However, Samsung software is a no go for me. My experience with the S6’s aggressive memory management, poor battery life and TouchWiz slowdowns turned me off, but I am willing to give Samsung another try in a couple of years once they get all of that sorted out. Keep it up, Samsung.

Yeah same here pretty much. I’d love to have an S7 with iOS on it or something. I pick my software first and well… iOS has the more polished experience compared to TouchWiz.

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