Samsung’s glowing Galaxy J2 and massive J Max unveiled in India today

We heard rumors earlier this month that Samsung’s Galaxy J2 would have a glowing notification ring around its camera, and now we can confirm that yes, it's happening. Samsung unveiled its J2 and J Max today. Only the J2 has the glowing ring. Here are the J2’s phone specs, if you care about anything other than Smart Glow.

I mean, it's a fine phone, but what about this J Max? How does it compare? Well, it's certainly bigger; it has a 7-inch WXGA display. But other than that, it's total garbage. Sad. Don't believe me? Here are the specs:

Yes, it has a larger battery and more RAM than the J2, but it's also running an outdated version of Android and has a 2-megapixel front-facing camera. No one likes blurry selfies. Either way, both the J2 and J Max are available only in India. The J2 costs $145 and the J Max costs $199. They're out later this month.


Every. Pricepoint. Period.




There is literally no company that can be as good as Samsung and as bad as Samsung in the same year. Gross products from an inconsistent company run by marketers. Ew!

What exactly are you expecting for $199 and $145?

The J Max is basically a Galaxy Tab A 7.0 with cellular connectivity.

The tone of this article seems a bit unnecessarily hostile. If you don’t care about the phone, why report on it? It’s a phone aimed at a completely different audience to hit a very low price point, so of course it’s going to have weak specs and an older version of Android. I get you’re trying to do the ‘cool’ Donald Trump thing — ‘sad!’ — but it falls flat here.

1.5 gb? really? Please make the phone half a dollar more expensive and have the decency to give us 2 gb. Amateur hour.

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