Acer's Predator 21 X puts a curved screen and dual GTX 1080s in a laptop

Acer’s new Predator 21 X is a monster. Not only have this machine’s designers put a curved 21-inch display on a laptop for the first time ever, they’ve also gone and given it two GeForce GTX 1080 GPUs as well. Add in five cooling fans, a 7th-generation Intel Core K-series processor, and space for as much as four terabytes of SSD storage, and you have a laptop that’s beyond obscene.

Unveiling the 21 X at IFA in Berlin today, Acer acknowledges that this laptop is more of a proof of engineering acumen than any sort of "big seller" retail product. Each Predator 21 X will be made to order, starting in January of next year (which is how Acer can advertise today that it will have an Intel CPU that technically hasn't yet been announced). Among its other cool features and specs, there's also room for four DD4 slots that top out at 64GB of RAM, Tobii eye-tracking, a mechanical keyboard, a 4.2 sound system, a window to show off one of the big fans, and a numpad that flips over to turn into a touchpad. Oh, and it also has an SD card slot. How practical!

Seeing the 21 X in person is a hilarious but also charming experience. We often say gaming laptops are ridiculous, but this one — with its gaping upside-down smile generated by the gap between the keyboard and the curved screen — is that extra bit more ludicrous. How do you even begin to judge or weigh the merits of such an outlandish creation? At 8kg, the 21 X weighs more than seven of Acer's newly introduced Swift 7 laptops, offering the direct opposite to the Taiwanese company's ultrathin portable.

We didn't get to see the 21 X before us firing up and showing off the benefits of its matte curved screen, unfortunately, as it was only a demo unit. The real machine will have a 2560 x 1080 IPS display, LED illumination, and presumably the world's biggest power brick ever. Even so, Acer’s representatives told us that the weight, size, and appearance of the demo 21 X were spot-on, and we have to say that, in person, this computer looms. It looks like it was left alone in a PC store overnight and ate all the other laptops.

All in all, though, the Predator 21 X is a statement in a way few computers are. It’s like the exuberant designs you see at fashion shows or from car manufacturers signaling their future intent: defined by pizzazz and excess rather than practicality and efficiency. We'll still have to wait to get our hands on the machine to see how it actually performs, but on specs alone the 21 X might be the most impressive thing we see at IFA this year.


Preemptive mea culpa on the video: I say the resolution is 2560 × 1440 whereas it’s a more widescreen-y 2560 × 1080. My apologies.

Two GTX 1080s are still absurdly overkill for that resolution. Is it a 120/144hz or a 60hz display?

AnandTech says it has G-Sync, so not just a 60hz display

G-Sync doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s over 60hz. There are many examples, here’s just one:

But…why? DotA does not even support this resolution (so no player gets an advantage by seeing more of the map).
I find it to be a big problem to go for anything else than 16:9 in a gaming laptop.

Can’t we just have one that looks normal?

With those specs, it couldn’t look normal.

People who buys these do not care about that. They either like it or just tolerate it.

With some amount of arguing I could be convinced that one would want curved screen on 50"+ TV. On 21" laptop it’s just ridiculous and possibly even quite annoying.

It’s useless on a TV where you sit far away. I’m using a curved ultrawide and it’s a really awesome experience. That is probably the only case I like having a curved screen though.

Yup, I’ve got a curved ultrawide Samsung and it’s lovely.

It’s useless on a TV where you sit far away.

You’ve clearly never seen me game, or the undiagnosed eye-cancer that I’ve probably developed.

Clearly the curved display is designed to act as a roll cage, for when you flip the fucking table out of disbelief

even on tv the curve is a gimmick, my dad got a 72" curved samsung, and it just causes wierd glare.

this is ridiculous in the best ways

For the amount of graphics muscle on hand, and the sheer unapologetic bulk of that delightful monstrosity, the resolution seems a little low. I feel like such a distinctive product would only benefit from a cropped-down 4K panel.

This thing will spend 90% of it’s time docked anyway.

There are no words. Just marvel and bask in all that ultra mega tech gaming geek glory.

Alienware: your move.

I can’t believe there’s a market for these things.

It’s neither a laptop, nor a desktop. In my opinion to be a laptop it should have a battery that can last more than 3 hours at maximum utilisation of system resources and be what can be considered ‘mobile’ in this day and age.

The market for gaming laptops is for PC players who want to be able to sit on the couch, or their bed, or wherever they’re near a wall socket, and don’t mind paying a little extra for lesser specs rather than give up a corner of a room for a permanent desk.

I’m a cinematographer who travels a lot. I would love those beasts for me and my employees this thing will turbo boost premiere pro. So yeah those notebooks are often bought by professionals as well.

I did away with my gaming desktop and picked up an Alienware m18x R2 a while back. That thing is a beast compared to normal laptops (18.4" screen, crossfire AMD 7970m’s) – but this is on a whole new level.

It was easy for me to justify the move to a laptop, since it gave me the opportunity to hang out in the living room and play stuff while the family was around vs. cloistered in the office.

I know someone who had a 19 incher like this. It was also an Asus and the battery lasted maybe an hour and a half while gaming. He absolutely loved it tho.

The battery in a gaming laptop is more like a UPS than a power source. it stops it from shutting down when you move from one power outlet to the next.

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