Asus' ZenScreen is a portable 15-inch monitor that gives your laptop a second screen

Asus is introducing a new portable monitor today at IFA in Berlin. The ZenScreen MB16AC is a 15.6-inch monitor that's designed to be taken on the road. It weighs less than two pounds and is only 8mm thin. Asus claims it's the "world's lightest and slimmest full HD portable monitor" as a result. Asus has equipped its ZenScreen with a USB Type-C port that supports transmission of power and video, and compatibility for existing USB ports.

The ZenScreen is also practically an edge-to-edge display thanks to its 6.5mm bezels, so it will look good alongside laptops that have really tiny bezels. Asus has also bundled the ZenScreen with a 1mm foldable smart case which also provides a horizontal or vertical stand. If you don't use the smart case then you can insert a pen into a hole at the bottom of the display to prop it up. Asus isn't providing an exact release date yet, but the ZenScreen will be available for 269 Euro (approximately $300).


This is a really cool idea!!! I don’t know if anyone else did this already but it makes a lot of sens for people that like working with multiple screens.

Considering that laptops are thinner and lighter every day, it doesn’t seem crazy that you can toss an extra, super thin monitor in your backpack.

I have a 5 pound gaming laptop and even though it is a heavy, I still carry it everywhere I need to for work. If you add the weight of this monitor to an ultrabook it probably amounts to something around 5 pounds as well.

Nice idea Asus.

These have been around for a while now, this is just a new model. The previous model suffered from a dim, murky screen perhaps due to the fact that it is powered solely from a USB 2 port. A colleague who sits beside me has one, and while portable it is far from a decent desktop monitor. Also Displaylink. I hope ASUS have made Improvememts.

I didn’t know there were previous models, sad to know they were not good. Thanks!!!

I have the previous model, the MB168B+. The screen is not dim or murky. It’s actually a very nice TN panel display. As a TN panel you have to look at it nearly straight on. What you describe is seeing it angled.

If it works for you, that’s great. It’s just that it doesn’t work for me. If you’re in the market, the best idea is to try before you buy.

I’ve used his for periods of time, and can confidently say that (in my opinion) I find the screen sub par and compares poorly with cheap 1080p desktop monitor from Acer. I agree with you, the viewing angles are very narrow. However, the convenience and portability are tremendous advantages. If Asus has improved the panel, it’ll be worth another look.

I’ve got the previous one: it’s 1080p, but a truly awful panel.

Make sure you see this in person before you buy.

Or use your iPad with Duet?

Your 15", $300 iPad?

Granted, the iPad has a much more pleasant display than the previous iterations of this thing.

No but you can get a n Air 2 for $350 and its a hell of a lot more portable, has a great screen and can be used independently

I’ve had and used a portable Lenovo USB screen for a few years. It’s adequate as a screen, and nicely portable, so allows be to be dual screen whenever I’m on the road. Works great for productive working and also sharing presentations, etc. Always amazes colleagues when I set it up (single USB port connection). Much better setup than using an iPad as a second screen when I’ve seen that done.
This looks like a nice upgrade. I’d recommend getting one if you like dual screen, and are on the road a lot!

I would likely use this as a dedicated email screen. Love the idea. If I buy this fall ill be adding a portable screen!

They should make a touchscreen version of this. I can think of plenty of uses for adding a portable touchscreen to a laptop that doesn’t have touch.

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