The Mac Pro hasn't been updated in 1,000 days

September 13th, 2016 is coming to a close. There will never be another. Pour one out and reflect on this, as well as the somewhat improbable fact that the date marks 1,000 (one thousand) days since Apple released the first version of its gorgeous and radically revamped Mac Pro computer. Also the last version.

As ever, you can keep track of this via the excellent buyer's guide over at MacRumors. The current Mac Pro came out on December 19th 2013, meaning that programmers and video professionals who need a high-performing Mac and buy one today will only have a couple years' use before it becomes what Apple SVP Phil Schiller describes as a "really sad" five-year-old PC. And it's not even the oldest model Apple still sells — you can inexplicably still buy the non-retina MacBook Pro that was released 1,555 days ago in June 2012.

Apple is, of course, rumored to be revamping its Mac lineup at some point this year, with a major MacBook Pro redesign set to be the highlight. Here's hoping the Mac Pro gets a little love as well.


I got to hand it to Apple, they got the full Intel time machine lineup. Ivy bridge, Haswell, Broadwell, and Skylake all available in Macs. Average joe walking into an Apple Store may as roll a 12 sided die.

Thing is, there’s isn’t much of a performance difference between Haskell and Skylake, heck even an i7 ivy bridge will outperform many of today’s i5s’.

Intel is focusing on mobile and efficiency, not so much desktop performance. Hence why I think Apple isn’t refreshing its Macs after every new Intel ‘tick’. They will have to now though, as there’s justifiable reasons due to the new Kaby Lake processors having dedicated video processing cores that make a lot of difference for creative professionals.

Except the price of those components have dropped considerably over the 3 years, and the Mac Pro has not. The two GPUs provide 7TF, that’s only a mid/high range card now. The next xbox will have comparable graphics at almost 1/10th of the price.

Ahhh.. forgot about the GPU’s.
You have to buy it with dedicated GPU ? Because one can just stick their own ones in.

Have you seen the Mac Pro? While you can replace a GPU if you need to repair, you can’t change them. They have custom connectors to the rest of the system.

Cute. You can’t use third party GPUs, mate.

The in-between update of XBox will have 6 TFLOPS, which is below, and it will come more than year from now.

Apple will hold an event next month for new Macintoshes, iPads, maybe (finally) a 5K monitor.

The xbox one will not cost $3500,-, it’s also not competing against the mac pro. Not sure why you’re bringing that up here.

Project Scorpio in 2017 for $499 will offer better total computational performance than the $3000+ Mac Pro from 2013 : 6x better cost performance after 4 years of technological hardware innovations / also noting that the Mac Pro and Xbox Scorpio have the advantage of totally vertically integrated hardware & software design that is typical of gaming consoles, able to eek out massive information handling performance from relatively affordable and relatively energy efficiency hardware!

Soon. But that internal design is still awesome looking.

The internal design, while beautiful, is arguably much less functional than the old Mac Pro.

Yes, it’s inexcusable that they create a beautiful deathcan, hype it up and then ignore it. They should have conviction that Mac Pro is important, they should be sincere about wanting it to be the best, but it’s like a used car saleman instead. Once the keynote is over, there’s no support.

Sam, can you please publish this same article every single day (but with updated dates) until the new Mac Pro comes out? That would be amazing.

Can you write it like she does please.

That would be a great web thing, lol.

You half got your wish. They tweeted "The Mac Pro hasn’t been updated in 1,001 days" today!

Try not to hold your breath, the direction Apple is taking with their MagSafe, Ethernet, SD Card, USB regular, Thunderbolt, Etc port abortion + headphone jack delete on the iPhone 7 speaks to a large floundering company without the kind of strong leadership that Steve Jobs once provided!

Well, it was a totail fail all things considered, so no surprise.
With a phone,ARM tablet and even if to less degree with a laptop,way way more people are cool with parts being custom designed and not swappable. But most people who consider buying a desktop tower pc for "pro" usage expect to be able to swap not just ram but cpu,motherboard and especially graphics card,not get something which looks sorta ok in a well designed trashcan kinda way but is utterly useless within less than two years for most pro tasks one can use an average grade windows desktop for less than 800 bucks for.
Apple tried to make people adopt this thing fencing them in like on their other platforms and saw very litle purchasing interest for it.
Now another company would have made a device in the category which the audience for the category wants instead of letting it go stale for 3 years,but Apple is just not very interested in making that kind of computer anymore where people can just go nilly willy on swapping parts and get good top of the line graphic cards in there from any manufacturer or at least the biggest two and get best in class graphic drivers and play games on Steam or use the pro apps Apple doesn’t make anymore or other crazy things like that..
I’m really curious to see if they push nicely on the mbp update at leastand have support for VR with those and a possible mac pro upgrade or meanwhile really have zero interest left for all that stuff

"Can’t iterate anymore, my ass!"


I said what I said.

I love Apple but this is a #firstworldproblem

You may be reading the wrong website.

Let’s only talk about war, poverty and North Korea on The Verge then.

Is there not a version with a newer version of the CPU/Memory/GPU?

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