US carriers suspend Galaxy Note 7 sales after Samsung recall

US carriers are taking swift action on the global recall of Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 issued early this morning. AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint have announced that sales have been suspended as they work with Samsung to handle the recall process and take care of customers who've already purchased the Note 7. Verizon is waiving the Note 7's restocking fee through September 30th if customers wish to return the device completely.

For everyone else: eventually you'll be able to swap out your Note 7 for a revised model without the battery risks — but Samsung needs some time to actually manufacture those first. So in the meantime, Sprint says it will offer Note 7 buyers a "similar device" so that they're not left without a smartphone during the recall process. The company's press release doesn't specifically mention what phones that Sprint considers similar to the Note 7, but The Verge has reached out for more clarification on how this temporary trade will work.

T-Mobile says only that it will have "more details as soon as possible." AT&T is "in the process of determining the exchange process for our customers" and has promised more information will follow later today. Full carrier statements follow below and will be updated as more details are announced.


Samsung has notified us that they have identified a battery cell issue in certain Galaxy Note 7s. They have asked all retailers, including AT&T, to stop selling the device. We are in the process of determining the exchange process for our customers and how they can replace their current Note7 as quickly as possible. We will have more information later today.


Sprint has suspended sales of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 immediately following Samsung’s announcement to discontinue sales of the device globally.

We are working closely with Samsung to ensure those customers who already have purchased the device are taken care of. For those customers that previously purchased the Note 7 we will offer them a similar device until the issue is resolved. Customers should go to a nearby Sprint store to exchange their Note 7 device.

We will share more details when they are available..


Earlier today, Samsung announced that it has stopped sales globally of the Galaxy Note 7. T-Mobile has suspended sales of the device in all channels.

We will work closely with Samsung to ensure T-Mobile customers who have already purchased the device are well taken care of.

We’ll have more details for our customers as soon as possible.


This morning, Samsung announced a voluntary recall of the Galaxy Note7 in response to an issue with the device’s battery. Because customer safety is our top priority, Verizon has stopped selling the Galaxy Note 7. Additionally, through September 30, 2016, Verizon is waiving the restocking fee for any customers who purchased a Galaxy Note 7 and wish to return or exchange it.

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If I were LG or Apple I would be PAYING sprint to give out my alternative.

I wonder if Apple will sprint to get release the next iPhone before the 2 week recall window matures.

I don’t speak good.

Not possible due to logistics reasons. Apple manufactures and moves tens of millions of iPhones before they go on sale. While much of it delivered via planes, it is still very hard to re-schedule, considering that there is whole chain of things that are tied together in the process.

Though I doubt there would be much sense in such move anyway since the majority of those who bought SGN7 specifically wanted that device — with Android, and with that stylus. They would hardly be persuaded by the new iPhone just because it is much faster in real-life operation ( or because the double camera will provide much better photo and video.

Also, there is difference in scale. In two weeks, Samsung shipped about 2.5 million of GN7 phones. Apple will sell as much just in the first day or maybe even half of it.

Brutal. I’m not sure what a "similar device" is, but if Samsung competitors don’t jump all over this they are missing out on a huge opportunity.

If they mean similiar priced, it could be any current smartphone they offer.

It’s going to be an iPhone lol

S7E…it’s almost exactly the same phone with no pen, 0.2" smaller screen, and a BIGGER non-exploding battery

If certain users are concerned about the battery of the interim phone, they could just opt for an S7 Active. But ya, I’d imagine most would opt for an S7E in the mean time.

that would make the most sense or offload remaining stock of the Note 5 if they want to minimize losses.

It is a good thing that Samsung hasn’t put the blame on users when the "technical fault" is on their side.Personally,I really appreciate that attitude even though Samsung could have done better.

I’m sure Samsung is paying for the courtesy phone so I can’t imagine they allow the carriers to use any other phone than a Samsung.

Samsung may have shipment problems too.

sigh After years of using an iPhone, I finally made the switch over to the Galaxy Note 7. I haven’t had any problems, but it is going to be really hard to convince me to stay with Samsung if the iPhone 7 is any good at all. I like my new phone, but I don’t like catching fire…

Why would the iPhone 7 "not" be good? At this point I think we all have to keep our expectations in check. The idea that we’ll relieve 2007 — the year the iPhone debuted — every 12 months is impractical as most smartphones are no more than refinements from a previous model.

Fair point, I mean that it needs updates in a few key areas: minimum storage increase being the most crucial. Also, while my current phone can explode, apparently, I can rinse it off in the sink and unlock it when I have sweaty hands, two things I could never do with my 6S+.

Rumours look good that the 7 will start with 32GB. We’ll know for sure in a few days

That and waterproofing is likely. Apple can only hold off for so long on a waterproof iPhone that’s in the same league as Galaxy and other waterproof/water resistant phones.

Not a deal breaker for me though but it would certainly be nice to have.

Hopefully everyone read "relieve" as "relive".


I like my new phone, but I don’t like catching fire…

You won’t catch fire and your battery will not explode. You heard it here first. Thank me when it’s all over

Got a baby coming and not really that keen to test your confidence. I’ll be asking Vodafone NZ if I can switch to an S7E when my Note 7 goes back.

What a train wreck. I honestly can’t imagine a worst scenario than this. The phone received great reviews from the critics, the public response was very positive and it was probably selling very well. Now all that momentum is gone and it’s only to get worse because of the iPhone 7 announcement. Honestly, I feel bad for Samsung.

Why would anyone feel sorry for them? They did an awful job with R&D if this is the case. This is a problem that should’ve been foreseen if they did extensive real-world testing.

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