Noted Apple analyst drops yet more iPhone 7 details

Spoiler alert: KGI Securities' Ming-chi Kuo, who has been predicting Apple hardware details with a high degree of accuracy for years, issued a new research note over the weekend with some information about the new iPhone days before Apple is set to reveal it.

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None of the supposed iPhone 7 announcements, specs, or features would be particularly shocking in and of themselves, but together they give a solid overview of what Apple is likely to have in store. Kuo's detailed note, cited by AppleInsider, MacRumors, and 9to5Mac, certainly sees the analyst putting his cards on the table.

Here's what he expects to see at Wednesday's event:

So, there you have it — a long list of features that may or may not come to pass. The good news is we only have to wait until Wednesday to find out; The Verge will be live on the ground in San Francisco to let you know what happens as soon as it happens.

iOS 10 public beta first look


Expect to see Piano Black versions of smartphones from competitors in the months to come.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge "glossy black" version. Bank it.

The black s7 is already quite glossy..

Yeah, this was the first thing to pop into my head as well. I’m a huge Apple fan, but I’d be the first to tell you that Samsung’s been offering glossy phones for years now.

Granted, these will apparently be metal, not plastic or glass. But given that my two favorite iPhone designs were the 4/4S and the 5C, I’m excited to get one no matter what it’s made of.

Isn’t the Galaxy S6/S7 metal already.

The back-plate, which is the glossy bit (along with the screen), is plastic, right?

Apple add the colour to the metal alloy – not sure how they’d do a glossy metal finish that would be rugged enough to survive 2+ years of use, but no doubt i’ll be surprised.

It’s glass.

and looks like this:

2012 called, they want their clickbait back.

Are you trying to argue that Apple invented glossy black phones, because Samsung was selling glossy black phones years before the iPhone existed.

Currently Samsung sells their flagship in glossy black, Apple doesn’t. So TuanX’s comment that Samsung is going to somehow copy Apple’s trendsetting color sounds a bit defensive (ignorant actually).

I am not saying that Apple invented glossy black color.
Nobody invents color on a phone.
I just want let you everybody know who thinks once Apple releases iPhone 7 and they will be up in arms about Apple copying from Samsung.
Black color on metal phones is very difficult hence after iPhone 5 they dropped black color.
Now if they reintroducing the color I am hoping it will be good.
Also, it is not about copying but following a company ideas.
You would be lying to yourself that you think Samsung does not follow other company ideas a lot.
They do some original work but majority they do is follow others work.
Like Samsung pay they should have at least have name doesn’t sound like Apple Pay.
Also, gold and rose gold color options that were actually offered immediately after iPhone launches.
I know you are going to say about large phones were Samsung innovation but it was not.
All the companies were moving
towards larger phones and it was matter of time before Apple offered it.

Black on HTC and Nexus metal phones aint hard. you are misinformed…there were a white, gold, pink Galaxies and before white, gold or pink (the iphone is far from "rose gold" source: my Omega…and every other luxury watch) iPhones

Keep living in denial buddy.
I am not saying Apple doesn’t follow other competitors for ideas but they improve them.
But saying that Samsung doesn’t is a lie.
Clearly colors on Samsung phones were insipired from Apple.
But green topaz on s6 was amazing, too bad they dropped that color.
Please don’t try to picture that apple just copies and other companies don’t.

I am not claiming anyone is copying anyone. I am disproving the false claim that Samsung is copying Apple colors.

The first five iPhones were glossy black, no? Then they changed it to "Space Gray" once they went full aluminum unibody.

the first one wasn’t

Ah yes only the bottom was.

nope. matte black plastic

iPhone 8, glass body with a curved OLED literally manufactured by Samsung. Bank it.

Expect to see Piano Black versions of smartphones from competitors in the months to come.

Some competitors already offer glossy black phones.

I’m more worried that competitors could copy the crazy decision to remove the headphone jack.

My phone already has a digital audio port, USB-C, and a normal audio jack. I think most other companies are doing it right.

Actually, it’s Apple that is "copying the crazy decision" given other manufacturers have already made the move.

And yes, everyone else will follow suit.

And yes, everyone else will follow suit.

Just like with Force Touch, right?

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