The Super Retro Boy is a great remake of the original Game Boy

Retro-bit has been remaking classic consoles for many years now, and their latest is the Super Retro Boy. It’s designed to look and feel a lot like the original Nintendo Game Boy — and pretty much nails it. The prototype I played felt satisfyingly chunky and the plastic had a familiar texture to it. Of course, it’s not a straight design copy. For one, that would probably get lawyers involved. For another, a straight copy wouldn’t have the buttons and color screen that make this “super.” If anything, it felt a little too light.

It’s able to play cartridges designed for the Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance. I played through a level of F-Zero for Game Boy Advance and I learned that I am just as bad at this game today as I was years ago. The good news is that it just worked and the feeling of the controls was solid, even on this early model. We’re told that it should last about 10 hours on a charge (via microUSB) and will come with a 10-in-1 cartridge.

The Super Retro Boy is expected to cost $79.99 and should be available this August.

The Smart Boy turns a smartphone into a Game Boy


Is kinda of pointless using cartridges in an emulator box. If at leadt were linke the RetroVGS, with your programable chip. But just a generic emulator is not worth cartridges.

I hear you, but if there were no cartridge slot only a microSD and it would require you copying dumped ROMs there to play, I’m pretty sure the aforementioned lawyers would get involved. This way it’s a compatible hardware playing your already purchased games. And probably, under the housing there is a microSD slot that you are "not encouraged" to tamper with, but if you insist, just copy to the /home/emustation/ROMS/GBA folder or something.

It doesn’t specify on the article, but I don’t think it’s an emulator box. I think it’s unofficial hardware that plays real gameboy cartridges.

I seriously doubt that as they would of had to completely custom make it. The only way it could be real hardware is with an FPGA and as far as I am aware no such design remotely exists for the GB, GBC or GBA. On top of that, FPGA based design is considerably more expensive (though better) and they would be advertising that fact if it was. It has to be some form of software emulation as I don’t even believe there is an off the shelf emulation chip available like there is for the NES. More then likely it’s an ARM core with linux and an emulator.

It’s not that hard to make low-end hardware that supports GB titles in 2017… Besides, console clones have existed for years now. But sure, most probably it’s emulation.

The GB and GBC are just Z80’s, and there is very little need to do a FPGA for it. Likewise the GBA use a ARM7TDMI. These parts are so much weaker than what you can currently get in an ARM-based device, that if they really wrote their own emulators, it would be relatively cheap to do. Though It’s not likely at all. It’s very likely that the underlying hardware/software is the exact same thing found in all the other recent clones.

Apparently you either didn’t read the article or completely missed the part where it said that it took cartridges from the gameboy family. Not to mention that when it is released it will be released with a 10 in 1 cartridge. Not an emulator

Is that a headphone jack at the top? It’s hard to tell. It would have been nice to have L+R buttons on the back for GBA games.

The L+R buttons were added to the front… You can see it has an ABXY layout like the SNES, only X & Y are L & R. Which, unfortunately, for me and others is a massive deal breaker. It LOOKS good, to be sure, but that layout is going to make games like GBA Metroid, Mario Kart and F-Zero basically impossible. Which is a MASSIVE shame, cause otherwise this thing looks really good.

It would be amazing for GB/GBC games, and some GBA games, but they went for form over function, which is really sad.

Ya seriously, they could have put L and R buttons on the side, or even better, on either side of the cart slot on the back. Just get a used SP-101 at that point. I’ll stick with my modded AGB w/101 screen and GB Boy Colour. If I went 3rd party for GBA games, I’d probably try the Revo K101, plus it runs emulators so you could still play GB/GBC games, just not your carts.

Imagine if Nintendo released the gameboy retro with 50 built in games. It would sell like hotcakes.

It would, except they’d decide to only make like 10 of them for some inexplicable reason.

It’s not inexplicable, the demand of the NES Classic was unexpected by most people and even the media was somewhat skeptical at first when they announced it. Other than the official licensing, the device had little else going for it, much less anything particularly original or new. The NES Classic had a fixed amount of games, games that are already 30 years old and most of them haven’t aged particularly well, and it’s a fact that younger people today show relatively little interest for actually playing NES games ("retro gaming" is all the rage but that’s an entirely different thing). Nintendo must’ve contracted the manufacturing of this thing in limited quantities as a sort of experiment and see how the market responded. I can’t really fault Nintendo for underestimating demand as traditionally such products have sold extremely badly, without needing to go any further just look at Sega’s attempts for the past 15 years.

It is inexplicable, they could have sold more than a million units over the holidays but instead they sold less than 200K. Nintendo is leaving money on the table AND upsetting their customers, all at the same time.

It would…but then the Switch would be competing directly with another mobile-device. Nintendo is trying to converge the two worlds

Compatible with Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance…

So, this is just a Game Boy Advance clone.

What is the point of cartridges? Wannabees will buy it

I really think Nintendo should make something like this, or at least allow a retrocompany to make something like this.

For under $100 it is cheaper than those Nintendo DS models, and they could make new cartridges for it and sell them.

I’m all for another company showing Nintendo what they could be doing to print money.

My 2C:
The price point is excellent. The fact that it only runs real cartridges means it’s only good for collectors, but I can imagine this is a godsend for that particular market as getting real hardware for GB/GBC/GBA is getting pretty tricky nowadays. Superior battery life as well.

This kind of project makes me ever more desperate for Nintendo to produce their own licensed stuff. I want to see far more games available on Virtual Console. Nintendo’s back-catalogue is huge and easily leveraged – imagine if the Switch could run Gamecube, SNES, NES, GB, GBC, GBA, and DS games… all digitally.

Cool, I’ll buy one)

This isn’t compelling to me without link cable support. Especially for things like the GBA-to-Gamecube cable.

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