Google will fix Pixel 2 reboot issues ‘in the coming weeks’

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Google’s Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL phones haven’t had the smoothest of launches, with screen issues, quality control problems, and audio bugs in some units. Fortunately, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL users will have one less thing to worry about soon, as Google has announced that it has identified a problem causing the phones to randomly reboot. It will be issuing a fix “in the coming weeks,” according to Android Police. That could come either bundled as part of a monthly security update (which sometimes include Pixel fixes) or a future Android software release.

The bug was reported on both Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL devices, and according to various forum threads, it resulted in the phones rebooting seemingly at random. So, if you’ve been experiencing this on your own devices, at least you can take solace in the fact that Google has figured out what’s wrong and will be fixing it soon.

And while it’s no doubt frustrating that these issues continue to crop up on what are supposed to be flagship phones, at least Google is continuing to do its best to fix problems as they continue to pop up.


My sister just got the Pixel 2 and has been having issues with receiving texts. Has anyone else noticed this?

Yes!! I was iPhone before. Just got the Pixel 2 last night. I have gone to the Apple support page to deregister from iMessage and it says my number is not linked to iMessage. So not sure what else I can do. Also, I’m on Verizon.

You might try making sure iMessage is turned off on any other Apple devices you have. I frequently shift back and forth between iOS and Android and run into this problem a lot. I think it has something to do with your e-mail address also being associated with your iMessage account. If you’ve been talking with someone via iMessage and you switch to SMS, the sender’s phone may not automatically change the message type to SMS because you still have active iMessage devices using your e-mail address. At least, that’s my theory.

I’ll check my iPad and Macbook to see if any messages came through there. But I was missing texts from Android users.

Yep that’s it right there. On your phone you have to make sure your phone and email is not linked to iMessage and for all other devices turn iMessage off.

I wish I could get people to switch to Whatsapp and my problems would be solved. But getting people to give up iMessage is like what it used to be to try and get people to get off Blackberry Messenger. People just couldn’t do it.

WhatsApp isn’t bad but I wish the UI was a little cleaner. The icon is horrible and the UI is cluttered.

I had this sort of problem in the early days of iMessage when I’d swap between android and iOS.

Frequently it was due to conversations being started with my email address rather than phone number. Deregistering my phone number would have no effect on these conversations, and people would continue sending messages to my email address.

Make sure that isn’t the case, and my solutions going forward was to make sure only my phone number was active for iMessage, not my email.

I switched today and the same issue.Turns out that Hangouts was the default sms service even though I did not have the app on my phone. I disabled mms in hangouts, selected android messenger as the default, rebooted, and it was fixed.

Haven’t had a single issue with my Pixel 2.

Haven’t had this issue with my 2XL…no issues actually, but for the folks that are running into it, the fix will be good. This launch has been "rough" to say the least.

People keep saying that Pixel 2 is bug-free. It seems like it is just as terrible as as Pixel 2XL.

It is the pixel 2xl but without the hardware issues. So that is good at least.

Nah, it doesn’t have the terrible display issues.

Neither does the XL. love the screen.

your holding it wrong.

You’re typing wrong.


Let’s talk in a few months. I’m curious to see how their screens hold up.

What phone is bug-free? And the only thing I saw on here was people saying the Pixel 2 didn’t have screen issues.

the 3310 was 100% bug free…and indestructible.

The Pixel 2 is less prone to issues than the XL and the issues the 2 has are much less serious than the 2 XL.

Hardware is hard.

I guess I’m fortunate I’ve had absolutely no problems with my pixel 2 XL.

Same. Just like Apple’s Antennagate and Bendgate, I wonder how truly pervasive these issues are.

I wonder what the next issue is gonna be…

Maybe a major security flaw. All the rage ATM.

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