Atari plans to open preorders for its Ataribox home console this Thursday

Image: Atari

Preorders for the Ataribox, the classic game company’s take on a NES Classic retro console, are slated to go live this Thursday, according to a report from CNET citing an email from Atari sent out today to interested consumers. The Ataribox was first teased back at E3 in June and then in a more formal unveiling in July, in which the Atari 2600-inspired PC was shown in two customization options: a wood-like finish or a more modern and sleek black and red look.

The device will have a custom AMD processor and run Linux, making it capable of playing both classic Atari games and mid-tier PC titles. Atari expects to sell the device for between $250 and $300. The company originally planned to sell it through an Indiegogo campaign, but it’s unclear if Atari is still planning on using a crowdfunding approach. It could be that this Thursday marks the launch of the campaign, or it could be selling it through a more traditional retailer.

We’ve reached out to Atari and we’ll update if we hear back. The release date for the Ataribox is still set for some time in spring 2018, but we’ll likely get a more concrete update on the launch window come Thursday.


No thanks…

$300 for horribly dated not even fun nostalgia, I’ll go for the PS4 instead thanks.

Buck these other users, come on Atari release it!

$250 would be just right, competitive price. (Maybe even $199) It will attract 3rd party developers to make games for it for sure, ditching overpriced PS4 Pro and One X.

I hope the system has a built-in classic emulator for the classic side. Would love to see Atari 5200 games get showcased since Atari 2600 games get showed off to death. The 5200 has real arcade ports of the 80s arcade games.

Arreggghhhh. I want it but can’t justify the price
Ps. $199 is the magic number!

remove the 1 and you got a deal

I can’t imagine this thing will be anything but an absolute Ouya-level failure.

*The company currently known as Atari.

(That name’s changed hands so many times it’s ridiculous.)

i want a desktop pc that looks like that

I mean, isn’t that what this is? A mid-range PC that runs linux?

I owned a 400, 130XE, 520STe, and Lynx and a Jag… A real Atari fanboy. I can’t see the appeal of this, unless they’re bundling heaps of old 8-bit and 16-bit games in emulation… and Tempest 2000 is an exclusive.

Yeah, I had an 800XL, and ST, and Lynx/Jag. I have to agree. It really doesn’t make me go OOOOH. Probably because there’s so much available (legally) already through emulation. I haven’t bothered to buy a console since the XBox 360, and if I’m not going to buy a modern console, I’m damn sure not buying a retro console that has a Linux load on it.

between $250 and $300??? LOL

It’s rare to see such overwhelming negativity in the comments section for a soon-to-be released product.

Then again, at $250-300, it does deserve the hate. The Ataribox is DOA.

Soon to be joining all those E.T. cartridges in a dank landfill somewhere.

I have zero interest, but that’s a pretty looking box (that’s what she said).

Hahahahaha…..still no.

300 sheets? GTFO, morons.

300 sheets?

Well that’s either a very cool way to refer to money or you’re boasting about the thread-count in your linens, my guess is the latter.

Too expensive and no one knows what games will be available on day 1. That’s a nope.

It looks cool (but not $300 cool). Also, that design is sure to make dusting the console a pure joy.

You just have to blow on it.

$200-$250 for what? 2600/7800/5200 old PC /console games? Do we even know what titles are available at launch?

Am usually a sucker for these things, but with so little to go on, I dunno, I might get a switch or upgrade my aging Alienware alpha in my living room.

Where are the games? SMDH

I mean, it’s a low-end computer with linux for $250, that isn’t a bad deal really, could be a good netflix and cheap game box. It does look really cool

The inspiration for this thing came from the designer seeing kids plug in laptops to a TV so that they could play Minecraft or Terraria. Somehow it sounded like a good idea to try to sell a dedicated box for $100 more than an Xbox One S or PS4 to achieve this same goal. I don’t see a market for this. For $0, people can just keep plugging in the laptops they already own into the TV. That’s too much money for a slight convenience upgrade.

I’m sure some will be able to find a use for this but I can’t see it having any kind of mainstream appeal.

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