Atari delays planned Ataribox preorders

Earlier this week, Atari announced that it would be opening preorders for the Ataribox today, on December 14th, but that no longer seems to be the case. Engadget is reporting that the company has emailed prospective customers that it needs more time "to create the platform and ecosystem the Atari community deserves."

The company is reportedly delaying the preorders for the console while it continues to figure things out. According to Engadget, more information about the new launch plans should be coming in the next few weeks.

But it’s not exactly a resounding vote of confidence for the console, which is set to cost somewhere between $250 and $300 dollars. Along with the now nebulous release window and preorder date, Atari has also revealed almost no information about the specs of the Ataribox (it’ll have a custom AMD processor and run Linux), or what games it’ll actually have. The latest delay — coming just days after announcing that it would be opening preorders today — isn’t a great look for the fledging console.


So disappointing! I was really looking forward to seeing this thing crash and burn today.

So they didn’t get as many preorders as they were hoping for or worse, needed. Meaning they never had a real plan for games or hardware. This is no different than any other Kickstarter bullshit and should be shut down now. BTW, I used to love Atari but nostalgia will only get you so far.

no, they never opened it up to pre-orders to begin with.

There is no difference between postponing pre-orders and taking pre-orders when you don’t have a product for people to pre-order.

The messaging around this thing has been absolutely horrendous. Why would anyone fork over that much money when nobody even knows what the thing is gonna do?

Might be time to call TOD on this one.

I don’t think this thing’s ever going to happen. I think it will be quietly dropped.

That said, I don’t think people understand who Atari is these days. It’s not a bunch of nobodies doing a Kickstarter campaign; it’s an actual game company. They used to be known as Infogrames, which at one point was one of the biggest third party game publishers in the world. They’re a lot smaller now as their business has shrunk, but they still have that institutional knowledge. So if anyone could do this, I think they could. But I also think they won’t. I think this is the beginning of the realization that this was not a good idea, at least as executed. They’ll either go back to the drawing board or just kill it.

I’m still waiting for my Phantom pre-order…

why would anyone buy this? They could have easily build some kind of android tv with atari games and charged a premium for it and people would have bought it.

If i was running Atari, I would use the name for gaming accessories such as: headsets, mouse, keyboards, controllers, ssds, graphics cards, and eventually high end pcs.

They realized there was no buzz for this at all and the pre-order numbers were going to be an embarrassment. Their best hope was to limit pre-orders so much it created a (temporary) artificial bump in interest but this thing never stood a chance and still doesn’t if they ever do release it. Not at that price point anyway.

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