Oreo for Android Wear is starting to roll out today

Photo by James Bareham / The Verge

Google is beginning to roll out its Android Oreo update for Android Wear devices today, according to a post on the platform developers’ Google+ page (via 9to5Google).

Unlike Oreo on smartphones, the Android Wear version of the update is a much more minor affair, adding features like the ability to change notification vibration strength, manually lock the touchscreen for wet conditions, and support for seven new countries / languages.

According to the announcement, while the update is technically finished and available now, when (or even if) you’ll see it on your Android Wear watch will depend on your specific watch’s manufacturer. So, just like your smartphones, it may take a while until your device is as up to date as can be.


For the love of god, add schedule SLEEP mode. My damn watch drain like 40 percent battery while I am sleeping at night.

When do you recharge your watch if it isn’t when you are sleeping?

I have no idea about the current android wear watches, but the Gear S2 doesn’t take long to charge. I dock it every time I am in the shower or if I am doing some reading (e.g. before bed) or any other time I may not be moving and have some other obvious source of time. While its seldom at 100%, i typically have enough for 2 days charge for the most part.

Any chance for an update for the OG Huawei Watch?


Where the heck are the new wear watches? Really thought Google would put out a new one with the launch of the pixel 2.

They don’t sell well. I bought a gear live over a year ago for $89 because geek squad ‘refurbished’ it with the wrong firmware. A quick flash to the right one fixed it.

I found it handy to use for notifications and seeing things without carrying the phone around, and for the google fit functionality that replaced my fitbit.

No way I’d pay over $100 for what I get out of it.

I live in an affluent area and have only seen one other person "in the wild" with a smart watch.

I’ve seen plenty of apple smartwatches. I’m just wondering when, if ever, is Google going to release a pixel flagship version. I should also note that the smartwatch users I’ve seen do nothing more than tell the time with them for the most part.

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