I fixed Apple’s red iPhone with a $14 screen protector

The new red iPhone looks just awesome. Well, the back of it does, anyway. I’ve never been a fan of phones with white bezels. I find them distracting — particularly in sunlight — and have always preferred the “single slab of glass” appearance that a black border gives off. So I was disappointed that Apple went with white on the front of the Product Red iPhone. It wasn’t surprising given that’s what you get with the gold and rose gold iPhones. But Apple hasn’t always done that. The white iPhone 3G and 3GS had a black on the front. More recently, the same was true for the iPhone 5C, which had a black faceplate opposite its vibrant colors around back.

But sadly that’s not the direction Jony Ive went for the special edition iPhone 7. So what’s a person to do? Well, you could buy a second phone and swap the displays, as seen in the video below. But that might get expensive unless you’ve got a friend who for whatever reason wants a white front on their black iPhone.

There’s another, far more affordable option: just buy a screen protector. You’ll need one that’s edge-to-edge with colored glass at the top and bottom. You can find the one seen here by searching for “Sparin” on Amazon. It’s around $14. A lot of people find it silly to put another layer of glass over their smartphone display. And yeah, usually it’s a sleazy $30 add-on that carriers try to sell you alongside a new phone. But in this case, it’s really just a way to get rid of that white front. Nearly all of it, anyway. You can see the white plastic border that’s between the curved glass and red aluminum. But on the whole? This is exactly what I wanted.

Yes, the one obvious downside is that you’re stuck with a white home button. But there’s really just no avoiding it. Even if you were to actually replace the screen, you’d need to leave the original white home button alone. Otherwise, Apple’s deep iOS security would freak out and you’d probably lose the ability to use Touch ID and Apple Pay. Not worth it. Does it look a little dumb? Sure, maybe. But I can live with it.

The full-screen protector adds a little extra bit of thickness to the phone.

Put on a case, and pretty much any remaining trace of white goes away. You’d probably want something a little more transparent for your red phone, though.

Ahhhh. A big slab of black glass. Just the way Apple should’ve done it from the start.


This is terrible


Especially since you replaced white colour that makes the fingerprints invisible (and screen when it lit does not show fingerprints) to black one where fingerprints are ALWAYS visible.

slow apple news day I guess.

Terrible and dumb.

Why buy a red iPhone if you’re gonna put a black case on the back of it ? I


Apple People don’t get .exe

What a whiny generation of media we live in. You took a PRODUCT Red iPhone, something that has been Red and White staple since forever with Apple, bought it, stuck a black screen protector on it, then stuck a black case on top of that. Apple sells 2 black phones, you know. Stop complaining about the little things like colour when it’s going to such a good cause.

Not keeping it in a case, thus why I wanted the red. And if anyone’s buying an iPhone 7, why shouldn’t they get the one that sends money to a good cause? Then customize it to your liking.

"Put on a case, and any trace of white goes away."

"Ahhhh. A big slab of black glass. Just the way Apple should’ve done it from the start."

I can respect this is a bit of sarcastic humour, but when you spend the entire article complaining about the colour then ending with that, what opinion does that portray to readers?

Plus, to expect Apple to double manufacturing of screens for the special edition when the iPhone 7 is already (assumingly) halfway through its annual lifecycle is a bit unrealistic, no? They’d have to either make equal amounts of black and white screens, or put in the R&D to re-release the stock to meet demands. I don’t think it’s a realistic complaint, is all.

P.S. I choiced some stronger words. I do apologize.


Worse of all, a tech blog should understand that the iOS current theme is white, so white is of course the most natural option.

Don’t space grey iPhones have a black screen? Why can’t Apple just make more of those instead of the white one? I’m sure Apple have smart people to decide how many of each to use. How do they decide how many rose gold vs space grey vs silver vs gold regular iPhones to make?

And didn’t Apple go back to the iPhone 4 design for the SE? And didn’t they just release the new iPad with the same dimensions of the original iPad Air?

Apple doesn’t have to manufacture two though. Allow customers to take it to an Apple Store and switch it for a black screened one for $20 or so.

Or they could just choose the color of their liking and donate the money they would spend for the case and screen protector to RED.

wait you can donate directly to charities?! i thought you had to buy something to show everyone else how much you care!
/s obviously

What a whiny generation of media consumers. You read an ARTICLE about changing the colors of a phone whose proceeds partially support charity but which is only offered in a singular color. The Verge has lots of articles that aren’t about customizing your charity smart device with colors of your choice. Stop complaining about the little things and consume content that exceeds your standard of "is this media that I’m going to label too whiny and then whine about myself."

Speaking of "whiny."

Not a bad fix. I use a tempered glass screen protector anyway. It’s not silly. My screens get scratched if I don’t (as it is I replace screen protectors sometimes.) Might as well get the color you want.
While I prefer black, I think the white on red phone looks great anyway.

It would be great to know how much of profits Apple is sending to Product (RED). It could be 10c per iPhone. If you are giving money to some cause and use that for incentivize more sales it would be welcome to be more transparent in that area as well.

It’s more than $0, that’s good enough. Apple has always been the single largest contributor to the (RED) foundation since they started making Product (RED) devices/accessories. We’re talking millions upon millions of dollars. They could just make a red iPhone & not donate a damn thing. People would still buy it in droves. They are not the (RED) foundation, the cut they donate doesn’t matter as long as they are giving. What people should really be concerned with is how (RED) uses that money & the percentage of it that goes to the actual cause. That should dictate whether people put weight behind the foundation & buy (RED) products for the cause it represents or for the simple fact that it’s a color they like.

It must certainly be worth whatever goodwill Apple is earning for it.

Macworld stated it as 50%, with Apple having given them $130 million so far.

50% of what? their margin? total sales? that seems crazy high. i’ve heard 8% of sales.
but you are correct in the $130 mil from the 23 product (red) apple products they have released in the past. i think what is significant is this is the most expensive (red) they have done by far.

The person asked what amount of the profits. I responded that Macworld says it’s 50%. Macworld has been in the business a long time, they’re not the sort that would get shit wrong.

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