You can buy a second Nintendo Switch dock on May 19th

Photo by James Bareham / The Verge

Nintendo will start selling standalone Switch docks on May 19th. The company announced the release date today, saying that the docks will be available in “limited quantities” next month. They’ll be available to purchase from Nintendo’s online store as well as select (though unannounced) retailers. A second dock isn’t necessary for using a Switch, of course, but is a useful addition for those who want to use the tablet with more than one TV. Additional docks cost $89.99 each.


The prices on these Switch accessories are just insane…

The dock is little more than a USB-C charger, and a plastic one at that.

It’s actually not that much more expensive than a stand-alone USB-C dock that provides additional USB ports and an HDMI out.

I mean the one you linked is currently selling for 30 dollars cheaper, about 1/3 less. That isn’t nothing. Also I’d really like a cable over a dock as it would be easier to travel with.

The Nintendo Dock also includes a charger.

You’re not taking into account the fact that the Switch Dock comes with a power adapter. The adapter itself sells for $30. The dock with no adapter is $60 which would put it right in line with a USB-C hub that has meh reviews. You need that power adapter to draw the adequate amount of power to Switch as an average adapter or PC connection won’t suffice. At the end of the day, yea it’s overpriced, but so are all USB-C hubs to be honest. In a world where meh USB-C hubs are overpriced, this dock is not that unreasonable for what it offers. And it’s really not that hard to travel with. It’s one of the smallest home consoles ever. I’ve brought PS2’s & PS3’s with me on long trips or to go see family. The Switch & it’s dock take up a fraction of that space. People are just never satisfied.

Keep in mind that everything the dock does is part of the USB-C spec.

You can get devices (mainly meant for macbooks) that plug into the USB-C port and give you HDMI, USB ports and another USB-C port to pass through a charger. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen where anyone has tested these with the Switch and you would still have to get a compatible charger.

Yep, seems to be about on par with Apple dongles.

At these kinda prices, you’d be better off buying a switch, then parting it out and selling it on ebay…

I wonder if you can use one of those USB-C to HDMI dongles….. only problem is you can’t charge on it. $90 is overpriced for the dock considering how little electronics are actually in it. $40 or $50? That would be better.

I’m not really following this "news". I bought a second dock from Nintendo’s store just a few weeks ago for $60

Limited quantities from Nintendo? Stop the presses!!!

Gotta pay for that HDMI out i guess..

The dock is available right now on their store for $60 sans cables. You can buy the additional power adaptor for $30, so all you’d be missing out on is a Nintendo-branded HDMI cable. Don’t see the point in waiting until May 19th?

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