Samsung responds to complaints about HDMI switching, will offer a firmware update

A real feel-good story here: Samsung has responded to the 33 pages (now 34) of forum complaints from frustrated but mostly polite Samsung TV owners who think there's something wrong with how the company's modern TVs do automatic HDMI input switching. When The Verge described the situation last week, we requested a comment from Samsung, and yesterday Samsung gave us a statement:

"Samsung has been following the comments on our Community Thread and we will be issuing a Firmware update early this summer that will address this behavior and provide the level of convenience that was intended."

So that's good! A little vague, but a solid promise of a firmware update is a lot better than denial, silence, or “you're doing it wrong” explanations. We'll keep an eye out for when this patch hits to see if it does solve the problem. In the meantime, everybody hug.


Great news! Now can we have another petition article on the Verge asking Samsung to offer a way to remove the ads from the menus?

too little too late for me, moved on to a sony tv

I have a Sony Bravia running Android TV. I like it, for the most part, but let’s be honest, it’s got other problems of its own.

like what? i haven’t had any problems so far and i’ve had mine for more than a year

what are you doing with your tv then?

I have the KD-XD9305, a $2000 tv.

It crashesh, sometimes its just slows down. I knew this (android user since 1.4) was gonna be a issue but hoped that android TV would be more stable. But no, i have to reboot it now and then because netflix refuses to work.

Casting is not reliable either, not like the chromecast (1 and 2).

It also buggs out with the CA module, not finding channels at all.

Android TV is far from perfect but miles better then samsungs crap and atleast its more popular among nerds, so there is more fun hacking to be done.

what problems? curious to know
as long as the panel is reliable and as good as advertised, the ‘smart’ features are largely irrelevant for me

Yes finally!
It takes my (samsung) tv 15 – 30 seconds to switch to my nintendo switch when i plug it into the dock.

So if we get 34 pages of comments asking Samsung to release as Google Edition S8, it will happen? Add some rhw Touchwiz stuff packaged as apps in the Play Store so that people can stll have it if they want it.

This is such an annoying "feature". I want to power on my PS4 Pro or NES Classic, but maybe I want to finish out this inning or finish something on TV and then switch over. Glad to have this be addressed. I wonder how far back they will go. Will all models from 2015 and up get it? Just the new ones? Or is 2016 included? Samsung has been good about updating my 4K tv regularly. Just got 1169 the other day.

If you need 30-odd pages of user feedback to realize your UI has a serious flaw, you blew it.

I not 100% sure if they are related, but there is another problem with Samsung’s HDMI system. See the 49 pages in the Community Forum related to HDMI ARC connected sound systems not turning on or randomly being turned off:

I have a UN65KS800D, which is the same as the KS8000 – I suspect that there is a design problem with the One Connect Box (OCB) on these TVs. The OCB is a relatively newly designed hdmi control hardware for Samsung Smart TVs that serves to switch and control external HDMI connected devices. It allowed Samsung to move the 4 HDMI ports, the optical port, USB ports to an external device – everything being controlled and all HD video and Dolby audio being sent through a non-industry standard "One Connect Mini Cable". The 2017 version of the Samsung TVs made some major design changes to these OCB – now adding a external power supply, changing that non-standard OC mini cable to a optical cable and probably major changes to the internal electronics.

My TV is demonstrating random hdmi malfunctions that goes well beyond what is described here – such as inability to control Cable TV box, non-responsiveness or failure to recognize attached hdmi devices, switching from attached HDMI ARC sound bar to TV speakers randomly, etc . In the Community Forum, Samsung is promising a firmware update to fix the problem, but they have not acknowledged that there is a defect – wavering between – nothing to see here/what is the problem? to that hdmi attached device is the problem to a firmware update is coming.

Great, however, as of June 8th 2017 the situation is still pretty dire.
How about a nice video collection of your (frustrated) customers samsung ?


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