A phone case that makes you espresso sounds like a liability


Mokase is a phone case that doubles as an espresso dispenser. It just launched on Kickstarter and is advertised as being able to heat your espresso up to between 50 and 60 degrees Celsius, so you can have a tiny, warm 25ml shot wherever you are. Just a note: 25ml isn’t a lot of liquid. A standard espresso shot is one ounce, or 29ml.

So how does Mokase work? It apparently requires a special espresso-filled cartridge that’s heated up by the case’s built-in battery. The pipe through which the espresso is pumped is made of an alloy aluminum-silicon that can apparently handle hot liquids without releasing any toxins. The whole process is initiated through a companion app. I don’t fully understand if the case charges along with the phone or if it has to be done separately. I’m also not clear on what kind of coffee they’re using or if the beans are sourced by them directly. But hey, this is Kickstarter and maybe the mystery only makes it more intriguing.

Mokase can fit multiple devices from Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and LG. It starts at $54. The company is nowhere close to its $82,000 goal, which is probably because the product doesn’t make a lot of sense. Why make this a phone case? Why not just sell it separately and market it as a very tiny espresso machine? Anyway, the campaign still has 44 days to go, so maybe some adventurous, espresso-loving people will back it.


this is the greatest innovation to the mobile hardware sphere since god knows when

I cannot wait till we have the Shoespresso®, the Wallet-o-moka®, the Watchino®, and, of course, the mouse-that-also-makes-coffe®.

Man, if only they’d invent a Coca-Cola bottle I could make calls from.

Give ’em time

Maybe this was the Notes secret feature.

but you would need to activate it with the S pen

Can I put my Note 7 in this? I like my coffee really really really hot

The worse is this is not even the most useless thing on kickstarter…

A standard espresso shot is actually a doppio which is 60 ml/2 ounces. The solo shot (30 ml/1 ounce) used to be the standard because of older style lever machines. Just FYI.

Also, that headline needs some serious editing.

Another thing I just thought. Standard pressure to pull an espresso shot is 9 times atmospheric pressure. There is no way that case is generating that much pressure. If it is, I don’t want it anywhere near my phone when it explodes. The shot he "pulled" in the video also had zero crema.

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