Photos of a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 dummy phone have leaked

New photos of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8 have surfaced on Chinese social networking site Weibo, as spotted by BGR. The photos show quite a thin device — rumored to be 8.5mm — with a huge infinity display, and smaller bezels than its predecessor, the recalled Galaxy Note 7. The back of the phone shows the dual camera, and the controversially placed fingerprint sensor.

There’s no visible S Pen, though leaked renders and photos have shown the stylus will come with the phone in a matching color. Previous specs we expect to see from the device include a 6.3-inch Super AMOLED display with 18.5:9 aspect ratio, dual rear-facing cameras with 12-megapixel sensors, and 6GB of RAM with 64GB of storage, plus expandable storage. BGR reports that these leaked photos seem to be of a dummy phone, and not a functional one, though they do give a clear indication of what we’re expecting.

Samsung is expected to unveil the new Galaxy Note 8 at its Galaxy Unpacked event on August 23rd.


Oh lord, BGR? Lol

What, do they have a bad reputation? Lol

Regardless, the dummy looks absolutely gorgeous. Can’t wait. The Note 7 seemed primed to be phone of the year last year. Maybe this is the year for the Note series.

They were known to put down specific brands for other brands (especially ones ended with -rry)

I stopped going to BGR because it seemed like at least half of their articles were paid product endorsements with hyperbole-filled titles.

It’s a festering shit hole. They don’t moderate one bit, they allow clear and obvious trolls to run rampant on the comments section.

I had even emailed Zach Epstein one day to say something about a particular person, and after an email or 2 he more or less told me to f*** off and stop bothering him.

That’s just a piss poor way to run a site and it’s site because there are some decent people posting. I pop in from time to time to see the chaos. Lol

The phone looks gorgeous, but that fingerprint sensor located right to the camera…But if Samsung just fix THIS on the S9 and Note 9 (and maybe get rid of a dedicated side button to a virtual assistant) their phones will be the perfect phones in the hardware department.

Maybe I’m crazy, but judging from those pictures, it LOOKS like the Note 8 has a more accessible fingerprint reader. It sits to the far side of the phone, so at worst you’ll just smudge up the flash. Unlike the S8 which I nearly always press on the camera lens.

more accessible if you are…. right handed? Not sure if that’s the case for lefties.

Samsung has five days to fix the location of the fingerprint sensor. I hope they come through.

I wonder how it feels in the hand since it’s even longer than the Galaxy S8+. Also makes me wonder about the fingerprint sensor since its even longer.

I dont mind the fingerprint sensor on the back of my V20 but i was so disappointing when i played with an s8+ and realized you cannot press samsungs like a button. Felt odd even touching it.

To bad not a good picture, of the front and really who uses a fingerprint scanner I really wish Samsung would have put a better speaker system and bigger battery but guess their battery shot from last year better speaker system will be a selling point of the note 9. Either way I can’t wait to get my hands on one I’ve been waiting since Note 4

I have got my Note 8. It’s superb. Kept in freezer more than 12 hours it’s working well. Here is video taking out from ice cube. Nice phone

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