Lenovo switches to stock Android for all future smartphones

Vlad Savov

Lenovo is canning its Vibe Pure UI Android skin in favor of the stock version of Google’s mobile OS for its future smartphones, starting with the upcoming K8 Note, according to an interview from Gadgets 360 with Anuj Sharma, Lenovo India’s head of marketing.

According to Sharma, the move to stock was largely motivated by the simple fact that customers were asking for the unaltered version of Android, preferring it to Lenovo’s own skinned UI. The Sharma also noted that the switch to stock would allow it to better roll out updates to the company’s line of smartphones, including an Android O update sometime after Google releases the final version of the operating system later this year.

Using stock Android going forward also brings Lenovo’s phone software more in line with Motorola’s devices (which Lenovo bought back in 2014), given that Motorola has long been a proponent of using a mostly stock version of Android on its phones since the original Moto X.


That’s good news, (plus their move to OLED)
The next LG flagship may sway me away from Samsung.

LG? LG isn’t switching to stock. Lenovo is!

LOOL! Yeah!! My mistake

go home you’re drunk

A breath of fresh air from the Samsung UI.

Custom skins and bloatware have kept me away from Android. Having completely different experiences from phone to phone is disorientating to most users. Also, get rid of the carrier bloatware. I will only buy signature series PCs (or Dell because the don’t add bloatware anymore), Macbooks and iPhones because I like a simple, universal system over having a bunch of add-on junk that is barely tested and usually duplicates something that already exists on the device. I’m not against Android, I’m against how Android’s roots in a free and open system have resulted in a system of chaos and instability in a mature market.

You’ve never heard of a Nexus or Pixel?

They are lacking in hardware. Lack of a micro-SD slot is a big damper for me and I am sure a few others. Plus poor audio, giant bezels in the current pixel didn’t win them any favors.

lol. How’s that microSD card slot and tiny bezel of your iPhone 7 workin’ out for ya?

Don’t assume. Ask.
I am a Galaxy Note user and looking forward to Galaxy Note 8.

Nexus doesn’t exist any more and you’d be paying $650 for a Pixel that’s down to a year of OS updates.

You mean at least 2 years like their support page says?

I haven’t looked lately, but I don’t think it has changed. Pixel devices come with 2 years of OS updates and 1 additional year of Security updates from the date the Pixel was released. If I recall the security updates are actually a minimum of 18 months after the last time Google stops selling the Pixel. If the Pixel follows the Nexus line they will likely discontinue the Pixel shortly after the Pixel 2 is released.

At least with a PC you can just wipe and reload the OS when you buy it, removing all the extra junk.

Microsoft is listening to its customers also! They now offer Windows 10S, with all the bloatware you’ve come to expect from your phone, and plus it’s locked down to restrict how you use it!

The industry is solving customer problems by eliminating features!


Yeah, this is the place I want to see Android at.

The ability to purchase a device that may have 20GB of crappy OEM bloatware, but no real UI customizations – just a clean Android UI. And the ability to do a clean wipe/reinstall, and/or remove the bloatware applications forever if I so desire, just like any other application I can install.

Let’s not forget that Android phones make little to no profit, according to reports. Does Lenovo even have profitable services that they want to load onto a phone? Is the money even worth it?

Samsung makes all the android profit, pretty much. None of their services everyone ignores can possibly make them that much money, aside from selling user data.

Maybe they are in the volume game. Having additional services requires continued investment in personnel to support those services. Manufacturing a phone is probably a safer bet. Also, I don’t assume Lenovo’s goal with their phones is to be the highest grossing phone in the Android or maybe all mobile phone industry. It is possible to be profitable without selling the most devices in the world.

Hell yes, more of this please manufacturers, compete on physical stuff, waterproofing, processors etc leave the software to the guys who do it best.

Unless you are adding something fundamentally useful, then don’t add bloatware, just add the service to the os. keep it simple stupid

something fundamentally useful, then don’t add bloatware

One man’s fundamentally useful software is a another man’s bloatware.

I’ve always wondered why manufacturers don’t just make their software modular and downloadable from Google Play. I can understand why Samsung doesn’t, because of KNOX and its security. But all the other players out there who want to skin their phones – just put an addon/skin/ui in Google Play, make it only for so and so model and let that be that. Leave the final decision to consumers.

I owned a GS7 Plus and despite have one of the most powerful processors and a healthy chunk of RAM, the phone would lag. This is one of the reasons I switched to the iPhone 7 Plus. Then I used a non-Samsung phone (LG to be exact). Same processor. Same amount of RAM and it was like night and day. I love Android and would love to move back to one as my main driver. All I need now are assurances that updates will come ASAP and I’m ready. The 821 and up are powerful processors (on any phones except Samsung, it seems).

Get a Pixel then. You can finance through Google or Verizon.

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