Images of LG V30 phone leak through marketing campaign

Image: Droid Life / LG

Phone hype starts early for every brand, and this post's for you, LG fans. The company employs Joseph Gordon-Levitt to host annual creative competitions that often involve participants filming something with an LG phone. This year, the two entities are collaborating again, and the recent video submissions feature an unreleased device we can only assume is the LG V30, which is likely going to be announced on August 31st. Shout-out to Droid Life for first spotting the phone.

This year's competition ended on July 31st, and the submissions went live today. The stills match up with the outline of the phone that leaked from its supposed user manual last week. The image above shows off the phone's dual cameras, like we saw on the V20, and its rear fingerprint sensor.

The key differentiating factor between this new phone and its predecessor is its reported OLED display, as opposed to LCD. We can see the rounded corners and its more minimal bezels below:

Image: Droid Life / LG
Image: Droid Life / LG

These images seem to indicate that the leaks are relatively accurate, even though they're especially low quality. Congrats to Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who got us to watch organic LG marketing materials.


2017, the year where industrial design in phones is mostly about cameras and fingerprint scanner placement and finish on the back.

Don’t forget the radius of those dumb rounded corners and how much the camera modules interrupt the screen.

Enough with the shiny back covers on flagships already. Put out something durable. That neither scratches or smudges.

Nexus 5 says hello

Right? They had that with the V10 and then dropped it on the V20.

LG has fans?

As in: LG above all elselse. I’d love to talk to you, if you are out there!

I’m their fan!

I love their refrigerators, split units and to some extent their TVs (though majority of the ones I own are from Samsung). The refrigerator has been wondrous ever since we bought it, the cooling is still top-notch after 4 years. My only pique is the LCD screen embedded on the fridge – the bezels are unbearable.

I guess that explains why they give zero fucks about their phones – they got bigger things to attend to.

I’m quite happy with my LG 4K OLED and I was very satisfied with my LG V10.

I hate LG now, sent a G4 to them for repair almost 6 months from now and I’m yet to receive it even while they fixed it the second week of April and in the meantime they’ve treated me like absolute garbage. Consumer rights is reviewing my case now.

Dear phone companies I represent the consumer. Here’s a "recipe" for the ultimate phone. Do this and nothing less and we will buy your product and not hate you. First off, the screen, we want relatively small bezels but not an edge to edge screen. I mean how the fuck am I supposed to hold my damn phone without touching the screen if one side of the phone IS ONLY SCREEN. Continuing with the screen, offer a sapphire display option. If I put my phone in my backpack with my keys I don’t want a scratched screen. Resolution wise 1440p is well and fine, 4k will just use up the battery and 1080p is too low, also make the display bright. Speaking of the battery, make it fucking big. Well you might say "But then it will be thicker? You wouldn’t want a thicker phone would you?" YES WE FUCKING WOULD, especially if it means a bigger battery. We would also like a removable battery. Lets move on to the back of the phone, make it metal or plastic not glass and make it removable offering easy access to the battery, sim card slot, and micro-SD card slot. Speaking of the micro-SD card slot, PUT IT IN THE DAMN PHONE. Now that we have got over the stuff that I normally hate you for lets talk about the hardware inside. For the CPU use the snapdragon 835. RAM can just be 4gb that seems to be fine. Want to put more? Go for it. Storage wise start at 32gb then move up to 64gb, because of the micro-SD card slot you wont need to go any higher. Now arguably the most important part of the phone, the OS. Stock android, nothing more, nothing less. DONT FUCK WITH IT. What about the camera? Buy a google pixel take the camera from that, job done. Now here are some other odds and ends we want in/on the phone. AUX port, some people don’t use it some people do so just don’t fuck with it, simple as that. Wireless charging, it’s a nice feature that some people use so include it. Front facing stereo speakers would be amazing. IR blaster would be great. Dedicated back, home, and app tab buttons. A customizable button that you can set actions to is a great feature (fuck you Samsung with your bixby button). USB C is the future so include it. Readily available replacement parts are borderline necessary. Manufacturers, take notes.

Stock Android is overrated and boring. A lot of the software features OEM’s implement get adopted by Google eventually.

WHAT he said.

WHAT he said. Well, without the curse words, but still yes, what he said. THAT is what we want.

Except I would start at 64GB and give 128GB option, even with microSD card. But you hit everything else exactly right. If by aux port you mean 3.5mm headset jack, yeah, KEEP it. Those who don’t want to use it are not forced to use it. They still have bluetooth and will have always had bluetooth.

YES, we want Qi wireless charging. Don’t want to use it? No one is forcing you to use it. But a lot of us like it.

This isn’t really a leak if it’s part of LG’s marketing.

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