Google offers free repairs to Pixel owners affected by Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey has been called an “unprecedented” storm, and in its wake companies have been stepping up to offer relief in a myriad of ways. Now, Google and phone repair company uBreakiFix have joined up to help as well.

The companies are offering free repairs on all Pixels at seven Houston area uBreakiFix locations until September 30th. uBreakiFix’s blog post doesn’t specify if water damage is covered, but that’s likely a given. Google’s flagship isn’t quite as protected against water as other top smartphones on the market. Seeing as these phones are often a person’s primary lifeline, it’s a nice gesture from Google and uBreakiFix that will alleviate a little bit of worry for those recouping after Harvey.

Free Pixel repairs will be available at the following uBreakiFix stores in Houston:


Great publicity stunt by Google here, too bad it extends only to Pixels and not Nexus phones.

Once again Google does a masterful job exploiting loyal customers to its now defunct product line.

They don’t owe this to anyone, so if it’s done at all it a bonus.

Someone does something nice. Complaints about why they are not nicer and how they are only doing it for attention abounds.

Why else would they be doing it? They had the opportunity to make amends for the battery problems with the Nexus 6P but instead everyone who bought their phone outside of the Google Play Store got shafted. They’re absolutely only in it for the publicity,

I’ll let you in on a little secret on this. What they are doing matters. WHY they are doing it doesn’t actually matter in this case. Quit begging for proof of altruism whenever a good deed is done.

You Internet very well.

"Yes I dropped my phone into the toil…I mean my flooded living room. Please repair?"

"Sir, you live in Nevada."

A ‘doh’ moment for Google when they realised thier phone should have been waterproof just like the iPhone…

Just like the iPhone should have been water resistant years ago like Samsung and Sony.

just like android should offer instant Google updates across all phones years ago…oh wait.

Just like Apple should allow other manufacturers to license iOS and build up a competitive marketplace and offer reasonable cost phones using iOS.

its a small gesture but damn it google this is exactly the right thing to do…everyone else should follow!

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