Lenovo’s retro ThinkPad 25 laptop leaks

ThinkPad 25

IBM’s first ThinkPad debuted 25 years ago next month, with a bright red TrackPoint pointing stick and a classic design that still exists in a modern form today. To mark a quarter of a century, Lenovo (the company that bought ThinkPad from IBM) is creating a special ThinkPad 25 laptop with all the classic design touches you’d find on retro ThinkPad laptop. German blog WinFuture has uncovered specifications for the new laptop, along with a series of leaked photos of the design.

Lenovo’s ThinkPad 25 appears to be based on the existing T470 model with a 14-inch (1920 x 1080) IPS display, and it features a TrackPoint, ThinkVantage blue enter button, and the colorful ThinkPad logo. Inside there’s reportedly an Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, 512GB of SSD storage, an Nvidia GeForce 940MX graphics chip, and even LTE support. While this looks like an old ThinkPad, it has all of the modern ports you’d expect. There’s a USB-C port (Thunderbolt 3, three regular USB ports, an SD card reader, HDMI port, and Ethernet connectivity.

Lenovo is even reportedly including a fingerprint reader and webcam that both support Windows Hello, allowing owners to log into Windows 10 with their face or fingerprint. The design looks very similar to the retro-classic ThinkPad that Lenovo’s design VP David Hill first hinted at more than two years ago. It was just a concept back then, but it looks like Lenovo is ready to make it a reality in time for 25 years of ThinkPad. It’s not clear when the ThinkPad 25 will launch, but considering October is the anniversary it’s reasonable to assume we’ll see this officially next month.


My German’s no good. Do we know if this has the classic matte screen?

It’s a safe bet considering that even modern ThinkPads do.

Yep, my 2016 ThinkPad 13 has a matte screen. I hate glare, so it’s one of the important features I look for in a laptop, along with a great keyboard.

so much bottom bezel.

It’s not 16:10 like the original. Huge missed opportunity.

Can I ask why it’s a huge missed opportunity? I don’t see much difference between 16:9 and 16:10 (though I prefer 3:2).

I don’t mind a tall bottom bezel, since it raises the screen higher up.

Vertical space is precious for laptop productivity. Writing, coding, they all need more vertical space. That’s why 15:10 (3:2) > 16:10 > 16:9.

16:9 is best for viewing video. Not what a ThindPad, especially a "classic" one, should be all about.

That’s what’s nice about the MacBook Pro. 16:10. Even though that’s a more expensive panel (16:9 is more common and therefore cheaper these days), it’s better for actual productivity.

When they switched from 16:10 to 16:9 they went from 1440×900 to 1600×900 screens on the higher end models, at least on the T400 series. Switching to 16:9 gained pixels. making 1680×1050 screen would have been too expensive because demand for 16:10 screens had eroded by that time as basically all consumer laptops and monitors were 16:9.

Extra Horizontal pixels sure, but enough so having two programs side by side wasn’t so cramped. More pixels > aspect ratio. Aspect ratio only really matters when you physically hold the device.

Well they used to be 16:10 and that made the body more appropriately sized for the screen, then with 16:9 they took the same body and made the screen smaller, so you end up with more wasted space for no reason.

Apple stuck with 16:10, Microsoft has gone 3:2, ThinkPads at 16:9 has always seemed very un-Thinkpad to me. If any company was going to embrace taller screens it should be Lenovo with the ThinkPad line.

Umm, didn’t the original ThinkPads have 4:3 screens?

Except that the original one didn’t have a 16:10 but 4:3 screen.

This looks cool and while I might not buy one for myself (I have a P50), I’m going to be jealous of that keyboard. I wish they’d just go back to that style for all their new laptops. If they can source that style of keyboard for this, they can source it for any of their machines. I don’t think any ThinkPad fans were ever clamoring for chiclet keyboards, and plenty don’t like them.

It’s a shame about the 16:9 screen and IMO it actually looks a little weird as a result given its other classic features, but I understand that a 16:10, 4:3 or 5:4 laptop screen (especially one with modern specs/quality) would be basically impossible to do for a single machine type these days.

My heart almost jumped when I saw the long standing rumors coming true. Then I saw the screen proportion. What a pity. Hope they keep doing these, that they are user upgradable, and come with replaceable batteries, as a classic TP should be.

Just like your data on a Lenovo laptop.

940MX? Not the newer MX150?

I was surprised too, the MX150 is basically a drop in replacement.

Dual core 7th gen CPU also. 8th gen quad cores are already out and many laptops are coming out with it.

Very nice I wonder what it’ll be priced at.

My question exactly. A spec’d out T470 w/LTE (but without the GeForce graphics) is ~$1,700.

I was waiting for this since it’s teased a while ago. I’m disappointed that it doesn’t have a 16:10 screen but I’ll still consider it. I guess they didn’t want to spend too much to design a new chassis to accommodate taller screen by using t470 as starting point.

I hope it has hard drive indicator and power status LEDs though

I think it’s more that nobody is making 16:10 panels in this size anymore.

That’s also likely.
Just had a chance to see the images on my big monitor and those bezels look too big really.
If you remove the keyboard, everything else look identical to T470 which is more disappointing. I’m not sure now if I’d go with this instead of X1 carbon just for keyboard.

940mx? lol.

If you’ve never tried a ThinkPad keyboard you’re missing a trick

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