LG's newest smartphone features mosquito-repelling tech


LG introduced its new India-exclusive K7i smartphone today. It's a fairly standard budget phone with a 5-inch HD display, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, and an unspecified quad-core processor. It's even running Android Marshmallow with no public plans of updating to Nougat or Oreo. What a classic budget phone move. The new device does have one unique feature, though: built-in, mosquito-repelling ultrasonic sound wave technology.

This Mosquito Away feature, as LG calls it, is already included in some of the company's air conditioners, washing machines, and TVs. It isn't clear whether this technology actually works, although the BBC calls it a myth. Bart Knols, an entomologist who chairs the advisory board of the Dutch Malaria Foundation, told the publication that there's "no scientific evidence whatsoever" that ultrasound repels mosquitoes. Bummer. Still, for 7,990 rupees, or $121, you can get a false sense of mosquito-repelling security and Android Marshmallow. What a deal.


No flies on this one…

It may also repel sales.

I don’t think you understand the technological ignorance which is rampant throughout India. It will sell just fine.

India? You think that’s somehow unique to India???

That washing machine would be great for hiking with.

Nah, too heavy. I’ll just bring the TV instead. That way I have something watch along the way…

Would be perfect as a module.

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