Amazon announces $20 Echo Buttons for playing trivia games with your family

Photo by Lauren Goode / The Verge
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Amazon announced a new member to its Echo family: Echo Buttons are designed to offer physical interaction with other Echo devices, specifically for use in playing family games.

The new devices are small and roughly hockey puck-shaped in size (think a sleeker version of Staples’ easy button, but one that lights up). Owners will be able to use them to play games in conjunction with an Alexa device. At its press event today, Amazon showed off the buttons playing games like trivia, where users push the button to answer just like on traditional televised game shows.

The Echo Buttons are the first in a new line of what Amazon is referring to as “Alexa Gadgets”, devices that are meant to enhance Echo devices in “fun and playful” ways, with many more planned for the future.

The Echo Buttons will sell in two-packs for $20 sometime later this holiday season.


As long as they help me interact with my echo when the music is too loud or the house party is chatting too freely.-
I mounted my echo on the ceiling, so it wasn’t convenient to reach up and grab

Reminds me of tap lights! Maybe they can do both jobs.

$10 per button seems a bit excessive when you consider that Amazon’s own Dash buttons are only $5 (before the instant rebate). They’re both just internet connected buttons.

The difference is that these buttons don’t lead to more Amazon sales…

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