This Android app will turn your wallpaper into a live map of your location

Image: Justin Fincher

There’s a new Android app called Skyline that will turn your current location into your wallpaper, as first spotted by Lifehacker. Skyline uses 3D terrain data from Mapbox to show either your current location or specific coordinates to create wallpapers in full detail.

The app can shift the image when you unlock your phone or swipe through your launcher pages, and it features a parallax effect that’s visible when you tilt your phone.

You can toggle the depth effects in settings and choose the right framing for your map / wallpaper. Skyline will cost you $1.99 in the Google Play Store, which isn’t bad for a pretty inventive wallpaper app.


It looks great, but how much will it affect battery life?

Hopefully it uses the location service in android so it doesn’t have to poll too often. Good chance it does lower your battery though… I’m going to give it a go none the less. Gotta spend my opinion rewards money somehow!

Tried it… Not a huge fan. Refunded. Muzei live wallpaper is still my fave. I load it with pixel art photos and use the pixbit icon pack. For all your retro nostalgia needs

Can you share your pixel art photos?

Wasn’t this a stock Live Wallpaper way back when they were first introduced to Android?

Neat idea, but it’s super buggy to the point of nearly being useless on my Note 8. Takes multiple taps to register on most of the icons, some not responding at all. It doesn’t appear to automatically update your location, you just have to search for a spot and mark it as the permanent location.

Great idea, but this take on it is a bit half baked.

I like the wallpaper but it doesn’t come with any suggestions for places that look good. I tried Yosemite but it didn’t really look like anything from space. Grand Teton worked better. Any suggestions for places that make good wallpapers?

Looks like battery suicide.

Perfect app to eat both the battery and the performance of the phone. No thanks.

FWIW, I’ve been using this on my Galaxy S7 for a few days, and it’s reporting battery usage as 0.01% per hour. So it doesn’t seem as bad as I’d worried

Looks promising but is there any premium version of it which is available at TutuApp? I heard of this before.

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