These sunglasses record video like Spectacles but can post straight to Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram

Remember Spectacles, Snapchat’s video-recording sunglasses that debuted to great fanfare only for the company to lose $40 million after sales cratered? Well, another company is taking a chance on the concept with a pair of smart sunglasses called ACE Eyewear. While Spectacles could only post directly to Snapchat, wearers can use ACE Eyewear to live stream video and post clips and stills to Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube via a smartphone app.

Made by Acton (a company known for its electric skateboards), the sunglasses can take 8-megapixel photos and capture HD video. The camera view is a wide 120-degrees, and you take photos or start recording video by clicking the shutter button on the top left-hand side of the frame.

The battery gets you 1.5 hours of continuous recording, or 80 hours on standby. And if you’re a regular at the beach or music festivals and want to record all your antics, the sunglasses are dust and waterproof and come with 4GB of memory. One major point of difference from Spectacles is that the ACE Eyewear records in a more standard rectangular format than Spectacles’ idiosyncratic round videos. They can also shoot continuously for 40 minutes which is arguably more convenient than Spectacles’ limiting 30 second videos.

A clip shot on the Ace Eyewear

The ACE Eyewear sunglasses are available for preorder now for $99.00 (a 50 percent discount from the regular price of $199) and early bird shipping is expected to begin in April. You can check out a video promo for ACE Eyewear below, complete with tired, lame nagging girlfriend trope.


That advertisement. Is it for real?

Yea, I can’t see who thought that was a good idea. It’s not funny or creative. It’s just bad haha

That is one of the best thing I have ever seen haha..

at least they realized how bad it was and took it down

Damn! Now I’m curious!

They look like cheap gas station shades, and the video quality is trash. Not sure this was worth an article, folks.

I agree, it doesn’t make much sense.

Sponsored maybe?

They look cooler too

lol, wut?

Look, there’s been a ton of these things on Amazon for forever. Nobody wants this crap except "action videographers" who’d rather use a gopro-type device more anyways.

When I read that line at the beginning of the article, I was totally surprised. Those glasses look like freaking cheap 3D glasses you get in a cinema, lol.

My first thought was exactly this – 3D cinema specs.

those kind of devices really need some kind of built-in stabilization, even better if it could keep the horizon straight

Right idea, wrong price. When glasses like these get much cheaper, like $30 bucks cheap with decent video then more people may decide these are worth using. So far they’re all pricey and crappy. The app for it sounds like a good idea though.

I’m on the other side, if they had lens-switcher (prescription/sunglasses), varied designs and the latest Sony module with stabilization $200 would be a bargain

I agree, especially if insurance would cover it.

If i lived somewhere like Florida where constantly get harassed by the cops is a part of life, I’d definitely get one of these because the cops usually don’t like when you stick a camera or cellphone in their face. Especially with the size creep of cell phones.Wearables help to conceal that activity. As someone pointed out, there’s been inexpensive glasses cams but live streaming to popular platforms is what sets this apart and makes it ideal as another set of eyes when dealing with law enforcement who could easily take your phone or tell you to put it down or even possibly erase, destroy or seize recordings.
And not just cops by the way, in a self defense scenario where it is good to have evidence of what went down if you end up having to justify your own use of force.

Provided of course that you are wearing absolutely stupid looking sunglasses as the events unfold…

I suppose in the West you can keep wearing tinted sunglasses when the police question you. The cops here in Florida will usually tell you to take them off. I’m not sure if you can legally refuse, but then you’ve just made an enemy, so good luck with that, too.

I should have said, the cops here in Florida will usually tell ME (not you) to take them off. I tend to attract cops; not sure why. I suspect it’s because I’m often acting like a dick.

I understand that Snap’s toy section inspired glasses set the bar pretty low for cool, but that ad video should have made this article much different or made it a non starter. Especially when the world is setting perverts on fire…

Is that ad supposed to make me want to buy these?

Yeah, if you ever want to get married.

Hearing these are coming from Acton, the tone of that video doesn’t surprise me at all. Their electric skateboards have actually come a long way and are decent, but all their customer service/front end people are terrible. I’ve had nothing but issues.

they are pretty terrible with customer service. I’ve met the owner a number of times. He means well, just get’s overwhelmed.

Is there an indicator light that lets others know the glasses are recording or streaming?

Every already has a better camera with them and nobody needs another pair of crappy sunglasses. Twenty years ago though, this would have been a fantastic toy.

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