Archos debuts the first Android-powered scooter

Image: Archos

French company Archos has made everything from tablets to drones, and now it’s adding another product to its roster: the world’s first Android-powered scooter. Named Citee Connect, the scooter has a multimedia dashboard that embeds all the functions of a phone in a housing that protects against shocks and bad weather.

Citee Connect’s screen is a 5-inch display that sits between the handlebars. It’s powered by a quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM and 8GB of flash memory, runs Android Oreo, and has 3G support. Archos doesn’t explicitly say what the screen can be used for, but it does show it running Google Maps, so there’s that. Like other Archos scooters, there’s the option to download a companion app, which can remotely control a reel lock that’s integrated into the chassis.

Image: Archos

As far as Citee Connect’s build, it’s made of aluminum, has large puncture-proof 8.5-inch wheels, a 250W motor, and a 36W battery. It all clocks in at around 26 pounds and can support up to 220 pounds. Archos says the scooter can reach a speed of between 22–25 km/h and has a range of “over 25 kilometers in urban areas.” The variable range is due to its energy-recovery system: braking automatically recharges the battery, extending its life by up to 15 percent.

Archos says the Citee Connect will be on sale this summer for 499.99 euros (about $617).


Why not save $150 and dock your own phone?

It does seem a bit odd they didn’t go that way instead. Maybe europeans are different and there’s still a sizeable percent of the population without a smartphone?

I suppose it’s something to do with shock protection. Don’t really want my phone clipped on the top of a stick travelling at 15mph – better to have some sort of screen running Android Auto there instead.

European here. Can confirm, we still use our 3310’s.

Sorry I’m late, my scooter needed a software update (just kidding, this will never get software updates)

Archos has fallen so far. They were at their peak in the late 2000s with PMPs that ran their own proprietary OS but featured WiFi, a web browser and could even record TV! Even in the first couple years of the iPhone they could do stuff that iOS couldn’t. Now they just make cheap gimmicky junk.

It’s the first steps towards self-driving scooters.

From the article:

a 250W motor, and a 36W battery

Pretty sure one of those is missing an "h".

It’s just a slightly modified/screen added Xiaomi M365 scooter (still shocked that The Verge has never done an article/review on this Red Dot Design Award winning rideable) that you can usually find for ~$350 with the right coupon code on TomTop or Gearbest. Bought one last fall and it’s made my 4.5 mile commute to work a whimsical dream.

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