Leaked photos of rumored Huawei P20 phone suggest it will have a notch

Notch clones are almost becoming routine at this point, and now Huawei might be joining them. The company is expected to announce new phones in Paris on March 27th, and today VentureBeat reporter Evan Blass tweeted new images of the rumored P20 phone.

You’ll notice the device appears to be running Android Oreo, has a dual, rear-facing camera system, and incorporates a notch at the top — a la iPhone X — to achieve a minimal bezel look. The back of the device says “Shirley,” which might be a codename? It’s unclear.

The P20 previously showed up on TENAA, China’s version of the FCC, and looked like what we see above. It was previously reported that the device would have three cameras on the back, but that appears to not be the case.

Huawei’s also expected to announce the P20 Lite and P20 Plus, though, and has released a short teaser video that still fuels that three camera rumor. Maybe one of the other phones will have three cameras. I’d bet it’d be the P20 Plus, if anything.


SHIRLEY they can’t be serious?

The cancer is spreading!!!

I’m sure these clones will be top notch.

[Slow Clap]

[Still Clapping Slow But Starting To Speed Up]

[Clapping now at a normal pace]

[Sissy clap]

but why? The notch is the dumbest feature ever. It’s like taking all the bad from the iphone X, and leaving out the face scan technology.

Eh. You stop noticing it within no time. It’s not aesthetically appealing but it makes no difference in usability. (except for that annoying fullscreen video)

you are skimming past the obvious issue. Using full screen is a common occurrence and it shouldn’t go along with annoyances.

No there isn’t much, or any video really that will show the notch unless you zoom in on it, in which case you’re missing a lot more than the notch.

But I agree that these notches are ridiculous without the tech inside or the full display.

No it’s not. Notch is the future unless we jump straight to cameras and other stuff under the display. Of course these guys are doing it wrong, leaving bottom with bezel kinda defeats the purpose. Although there’s also Android problem (nav buttons might be too low if there is no thicker bottom bezel).

i maintain that notches are fine if they are blending into the status bar. android tends to not put information into the middle of the status bar anyway and the notch in this leak seems especially narrow, which leaves plenty of space for multiple notification icons on the left and system icons on the right. in a way it’s wasted space if there is no notch in the middle of the status bar. keep the ist black at all times, add an oled display and the edges will blend away perfectly. the notches on both the iphone x and the essential phone are too extreme. too wide, too tall, weird shapes, not hidden… this one seems decent enough.

The notch is doubly pointless here, since they apparently decided to keep the bottom bezel and put the fingerprint reader down there.

Only if some sort of symmetry is a design requirement

Not sure what you are implying, but IMO, the notch exists purely because Apple (and Essential before it) couldn’t figure out a better method of placing those elements in their quest for an "all-screen" phone. There is really no other reason for the notch than minimum bezel, regardless of symmetry.

So in this case it serves the purpose of having a minimum upper bezel

I guess I don’t see the point. It obstructs the notification bar. Mine isn’t always that busy but I’m looking at it now and some of my notifications would be in the notch right now.

In a few years, there will be no notches. It was a compromise because nobody could figure out a better way. The phone with the pop up camera has already basically solved that so it’s only a matter of time until that design is refined (or another, even better idea comes about) and the notch will be relegated to countless lists of "bad ideas of the 2010s".

I guess there’s only one way to design a rear camera module, too.

I’m fine with the notches, but not if it comes with a big-ass chin like this thing.

I would maybe be up for a bottom notch to match, housing the fingerprint reader/home button, with on-screen style nav buttons on both sides of it.

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