Samsung’s Bixby smart speaker is coming in the second half of 2018

Bixby fans, rejoice. DJ Koh, president of Samsung’s mobile division, has confirmed at Mobile World Congress that the company’s long-rumored Bixby smart speaker will be out sometime in the second half the year, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Samsung confirmed that it was working on the smart speaker last August, and rumors from December pegged a release for sometime in the first half of 2018 for around $200, although it seems that the rumored release date has since slipped to the second half of the year.

There’s still not much information about what the Bixby speaker will look like or what it will be able to do, but presumably Samsung will be looking to tie the device in as a central hub for its SmartThings smart home system in addition to the usual plethora of smart speaker features like music, reminders, timers, and trivia.

Koh told the WSJ, “I want to focus on more premium,” for the upcoming speaker. That could indicate an intention to try to compete on the high end of the smart speaker market against devices like Apple’s recently introduced HomePod, as opposed to the more entry-level Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo Dot.


Oh how the world has been yearning for this product!

You forgot the "/s".

I think he figured we would assume it.

This kills the joke.

Who likes it on their phone? Is it going to look similar to Apple’s? I wouldn’t put it past them.

Cortana really hasn’t gone anywhere. Siri is limited to one device and even then it’s kind of a limited version of Siri right now, and missing a few of the main features it was advertised to have.

Personally, you’re not really going to get great sound from any of these things. I think of them as more of background music and stuff. I have a Amazon Dot and a Google Mini to play around with. As I thought while playing with them, it seems outdated. They are locked into a room by a power cord. So you have to litter your house with them. I don’t want that or need that.

For me, I think the Apple Watch is the better solution. Why? Because it works everywhere I’m at. I don’t need a smart speaker for music really. I can AirPlay to my Yamaha Surround Sound receiver, which has much larger speakers, including a much larger SUB!!! So the music is just going to be much better than any of these Smart Speakers.

But the other thing that I think is more important, is Home Control. Being able to control your lights, doors, temperature, etc. If you litter your house with these things, ok, that will work for things inside your house I guess. That could leave out your garage, or outside of your house or away from your house. I can lift my wrist and use Siri to Open and close my Garage door. Turn on/off lights. Adjust the temp. But I can be outside and do it. Walking back from 7/11 a block away, lift wrist and go "Hey Siri, Open garage" as it’s open as I’m walking up my driveway. I have Bluetooth on my Motorcycle helmet also and have my iPhone mounted so I can see the screen. I have it plugged into power also as GPS is a big battery drain. I can go Hey Siri in my Helmet and open the garage that way a block away so that when I get home, I can pull right into my garage.

Maybe I get home in my truck at night, want to drop something off in the backyard. I have an outside light over my side fence. I light I used to never use as it was a hassle to use. Now I have a Siri controlled light switch. So it works manually like aways, but outside, I can lift my wrist and go "Hey Siri, turn on outside garage light" and BAM, it goes on. So it’s these real world things that I do all the time that is such a big deal.

Besides I can place and answer voice phone calls. Receive and send messages, Set a timer, a Reminder, an appointment. Ask questions. have Siri tell me a joke, etc, etc, etc all on my Apple Watch. So to me, even the Apple HomePod seems a little dated. It’s also locked in a room by a power cord.

But I do sit back and play with Alexa, Google Home, Siri on my iPad Pro, and ask just ask them all random questions. Once in a while, Cortana also which is on my Windows 10 Desktop. They all have their pros and cons. Is anyone asking for Bixby?

Samesung has to be the Me To on everything. Instead of just using Google’s services which they HAVE to have on their phones anyway, they go out and have Bixby besides Google home, along with their own Samesung Pay, and message app, and browser. Their Milk Music service failed, so I assume that’s now gone. I think they should have moved to TIZEN, their own OS before Android got to big, and then do their own thing. It’s mostly TIZEN on their watches as it is.

For me, I think the Apple Watch is the better solution. Why? Because it works everywhere I’m at.

Assuming everybody in the house has one. And that is the case for me as there is only my wife and me. For others, not so good

Well seeing as the Homepod doesn’t even detect multiple users yet I wouldn’t say its superior for a 3+ person house.

Only an issue if you want to use it for personal info – for music, home control and general stuff it be fine.
The separate user thing will come

Would you then recommend Android users dumping their phones, going with an iPhone (go with an iPhone 7 to save some money) and buy an iWatch?

Your post could have been two sentences long. Switch to an iPhone and buy an iWatch. Siri can do all of this.

What’s an iWatch? Never heard of it.

Can’t Android Wear Watches do the same thing? You talk to them and they talk back, control devices around the house etc.? I just assumed they did… It would be kind of shocking if they didn’t.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure any smartwatch running AW2.0 has access to the Assistant which can do anything JB mentioned (assuming it’s connected to the internet). Voice Actions should work on earlier models too but that’s a bit more wonky.

It HAS to be better in Korea, right? That has to be it, right? It can’t all be yes men in Samsung, or the phones wouldn’t be so good. Probably?

"Bixby fans"?

They own harman so it might sound good.

Assistants, Ranked:

1. Google
1a. Alexa
2. Cortana
3. Siri
4. Hiring a competent personal assistant
5. Hiring an incompetent personal assistant
6. Screaming into the abyss
7. Bixby

Siri is better than Cortana!!! At times better than Google and Alexa. I play with them all, other than Bixby. I don’t know who cares about that other than Samesung. I have and use the 4 of them to compare them myself.

Siri is certainly better than Cortana in Europe and probably lots of other non-US places.

Siri is WAY better than Cortana, and in my experience, is very often better than Alexa.

Siri is the absolute worst of all of them. At least Bixby is useful for device control.

Siri is great fir device control too.

But at least Siri didn’t need an unnecessary button.

To be fair Bixby didn’t either. Samsung could have done the same thing as Apple did and make a gesture for it or a long press on the fingerprint reader to activate it.

Siri is the absolute worst of all of them. At least Bixby is useful for device control.

What are you talking about? Siri works incredibly well for device control. I control most of the things in my house with it.

I think they mean switching off Bluetooth, WiFi etc although Siri can also do that. But controlling in phone settings something I’ve heard people say they like abiur bixby.

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