Alexa briefly lost its voice on Friday

Amazon’s digital assistant Alexa went quiet Friday in an unintended, real world reproduction of the company’s Super Bowl ad. A regional outage impacting Amazon’s servers led to Alexa becoming unresponsive on Echo products and other devices that support the assistant. I tried a simple weather inquiry on the Echo Dot in my living room, and the signature blue ring stayed lit up for about 15 seconds without any answer. A tone eventually sounded, and Alexa said it had lost connection. Subsequent attempts also failed, producing a red ring accompanied by Alexa asking me to try again later.

By mid-afternoon, Alexa had returned to normal and was responding to voice commands again. The issue was likely tied to troubles Friday with Amazon Web Services. Slack and other applications that depend on AWS as a backbone experienced downtime earlier in the day. “There was a loss of power to one of AWS’s redundant internet connection points in Virginia that created connectivity issues for a small number of AWS customers who are using Direct Connect services in AWS US East,” an Amazon spokesperson said. “AWS resolved the issue and is working with its partner to prevent recurrence.”


I got responses intermittently during this, while other times it said it had lost connection.

Mine are working fine. Maybe it’s a regional thing.

I’m having connection issues today. Must be it.

Alright Sir Anthony Hopkins, you’re up.

The irony is delightful.

The red ring of death.

Alexa just announced that an update had been installed and she needed to reboot my Echo. I think it was more than just a simple outage.I have a feeling they had to install some kind of server patch systemwide.

I think you’re probably right. Not sure we’ve heard the last word on this.

I thought it was just my alexa not working. interesting

I noticed that too on my Echo’s, fortunately I have a Cortana speaker as back-up.

A tone eventually sounded, and Alexa said it had lost connection. Subsequent attempts also failed, producing a red ring accompanied by Alexa asking me to try again later.

Is this what the beginnings of an apocalypse look like?

Once Alexa becomes self aware, yes, this is how it will begin.

My Google home mini was working absolutely fine.

(one slow, lonely clap comes from the shadows)
Bravo, sir, bravo. If your home mini ever fails to connect to the world, please let us know…..

Equinix data center got blown off the network by the high winds, according to AWS status page. I wonder if any other DCs got affected.

Where is Cardi B when you need her?

I woke up to the "red-ring". Was able to manually reconnect my Echo Dot to my wi-fi but experienced the same symptoms of extremely slow/incomplete responses and breakups. Good to know that it was system-wide.

I woke up to the "red-ring

Too much spicey food last night??

Nice…are you my coworker? Sounds like one of his jokes.

Yeah, wasn’t working for me this morning either.

My whole place is Hue lights I control with Alexa. Not a big deal in the AM in my living room which is full of windows but my bedroom is pretty blacked out with curtains.

This means I got dressed in the dark because this is the world we live in now and I couldn’t be bothered to a) turn on the lamp with my functional hands b) open a curtain.

This is who we are now.

I think it was a regional issue, mine was working fine

Xbox Live went down too for some on the east coast 2 days ago. Probably unrelated?

No red ring, but Alexa isn’t talking…

Ah, that explains it. Alexa got confused and unresponsive for a brief period yesterday afternoon; I unplugged the Echo and plugged it back in again, then left it alone for a while. Seemed to work fine after that, but I suspect that was because Things Were Fixed Elsewhere, not because of the reboot.

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