Google Home can now play music through your other Bluetooth speakers

Photo by James Bareham / The Verge

Google’s Home, Home Mini, and Home Max speakers can now play music and other audio on the other Bluetooth speakers you might have around the house. This is particularly useful for people who own the Home Mini. The company’s affordable, compact speaker is perfect for querying Google Assistant, but lacks oomph and depth when it comes to playing music. Amazon already offers this option for its Alexa speakers.

“We brought this feature to life after hearing how much you wanted to amp up the sound with your Google Home Mini,” the company said in a blog announcement. “Now any of your Google Home devices can connect to other Bluetooth speakers so you can control your entertainment experience simply using the sound of your voice.” You can also add your existing Bluetooth speakers to Google Home groups for multi-room audio, which is where this might prove handy for Home Max users.

You can pair a Bluetooth speaker with Google Home in the device settings section of the Home app. Just set it as your default speaker. Your Home device will still listen for your commands, but will route all audio through the connected Bluetooth speaker. This doesn’t magically give those paired speakers Google Assistant’s smarts, though. “You’ll still need to talk to your Google Home device — not the connected Bluetooth speakers — for queries like asking questions, getting weather updates, and using smart home commands.”


Just wish they would build an outdoor speaker with good sound.

Chromecast. The answer’s always Chromecast.

Oh that’s cool can it play music on a HomePod ?

Well, Google would gladly implement this, if Apple gets out of the way.

It should be able to.

Its be nice but HomePod doesn’t support Bluetooth. Hopefully it’s enabled at some point…presumably it’s got the ability inboard for Bluetooth.

Not after this LOL.

Wait, seriously? I honestly thought it did! Wow, that device is a reeeal piece o’ crap.

Nope, Apples walled garden prevents you from using something as universal as Bluetooth

Just in case, my comment was sarcasm

I wonder if this works smarter than using a default chromecast device. If that device cannot be contacted it just doesn’t work at all, instead of playing locally. Bluetooth devices will be offline a lot being most are battery powered.

SO…..I can pair my mini with my Echo Dot (it’s connected via line-out to a robust speaker system)??? Swweeet!

Hah I’m doing exactly the same thing! #greatminds

Looks like I’m going to have to dust off my Dot 1.0 this weekend!

Good. Now I can use my other bluetooth speaker with it.

Wish they would have told me this was coming before I bought a Chromecast Audio to use with my bluetooth shelf speakers

Chromecast Audio will still offer better quality of sound…and great to have the option for optical out. Have three already, likely to add one more.

Still have no clue how to pair GH with a BT speaker, since there’s no display on the BT speaker

Then isn’t that your Bluetooth speaker fault?

How did you pair your phone with that BT speaker? Use the same approach, just go to the Home App and select that BT speaker as Default output.


That’s very deep. Can get rid of my Chromecast audio now.

You could, but in most cases chromecast audio would be superior if you already have it.

Yes, I believe the audio quality is better with the Chromecast audio than bluetooth, right?

Yet another feature that should have been available at launch. Between this and the activities, had they been available at launch I might still be using the Home I had but I already abandoned ship for the Echo dot and gave my Home Mini to my brother.

You can still move back to a supervisor Assistant. It’s good lunch money… Literally. I don’t understand why you’d even think twice

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